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I say, make them all but not yet - we have the Goddess, we'll get the Barbarian He-Man, now let's have some other guys, let's have POP, let's have Snakemen and the Horde and NA...
No where has it even been slightly implied that people are expecting all the minicomic characters anytime soon.

Yes the Goddess is coming this year, but you can pretty much be assured we'll have a few POP and NA characters before Barbarian He-Man gets made.

Scott didn't say he was "coming soon", he said it "wouldn't be for quite a while". I'll be shocked if we get him before 2011.

All people are saying is that the minicomic era is perfect for the occasional Bonus Figure. They require little tooling and since there is a group of people who are unaware or apathetic towards them, they don't have to worry about getting them in their subscriptions.