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Thread: Darksmoke and Fire episode

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    Darksmoke and Fire episode

    I just rewatched Darksmoke and Fire, (Where She-Ra meets Granamyr 1000 years in Eternia's past) and didn't see a plot point that I was sure I remembered from the last time I saw it. Did I miss it now, or imagine it before?

    She is traveling with, and helping, the then-current king of eternia. I thought it was revealed to 1 or 2 of them (She-Ra, the King, Granamyr) that he was in fact her ancestor, and whoever figured that out kept quiet about it.

    Did I just mistakenly assume she thought that, when she found out he was king (or did they actually reveal that the family's royal lineage went back that far?)

    (though it would be amusing to discover that the would-be king who would have gotten the throne without her intervention was actually her ancestor, and she got home to find her family outcast commoners...)

    aha... and then suppose that seeing what she accidentally did, she goes back again, rekindles the dragon war to reinstate her ancestor the usurper to the throne, and *that's* why Granamyr doesn't trust any humans, even having met She-Ra
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