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Thread: Hows your Green Goddess holding up in 2014?

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    Hows your Green Goddess holding up in 2014?

    I was just looking though the thread about the top 5 MOTUC figures that need a 2.0 figure, and inevitably, the Green Goddess figure comes to mind. I believe she is the figure most deserving of a re-release or a 2.0 considering she is known to break from simply posing her. For all the flaws of certain other figures, few of them made it to our hands in such questionable condition.

    In this line of thing it has occurred to me I haven't really seen my figure of her much since 2009. My first GG figure, literally splintered, shattering at the neck the first time I removed her headdress. My second one, I opened, but was too cautious to move her and just sat her in a drawer, and there she remains to this day.

    I find myself considering taking her out, maybe even posing her in an action pose and placing her on display, but before I do, I wanted to hear from everyone else. Is there anyone with an open Goddess figure who is comfortable moving and posing her?
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    Mine's still all in one piece, but I never really do anything with her. She just stands in a simple pose on the shelf. Not a Pre-Filmation fan so I initially only got her to have a complete collection. I later decided to work her in, but in my canon she's a villain and she's the one who created the Snake Men (not sure what I'm going to do with Unnamed One -we'll see once we actually see him)

    At one point while moving her to dust the shelves her leg popped out of her boot, but it went right back in. It wasn't broken the peg simply came out of the hole.
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    I hot glued the pelvis of mine at the suggestion of someone at Power-Con and I have had no problems.

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    She is one of my favorite figures, and she is in the same dusty pose from 4+ years ago. I have her pegged on a Grayskull stand, and i don't even touch her to move her, just the stand itself. I would REALLY love a Goddess figure that I could touch. I really want to put her in my Castle Grayskull...but....if she broke...there would be tears...

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    Same. I am afraid to move her too much, but she is holding up fine.

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    Holding up fine as always.

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    Never had an issue with mine. And she's been moved a lot.

    (Now goes to check and find inevitable breakage...)

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    Mine shattered almost as soon as I got her out of the package. I had an extra She-Ra from the TRU 2-pack, so I swapped out the pelvis and painted it up. You can't even tell now and she functions just as well as any other figure.

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    My Green Goddess has been open and on display since I got her.
    I haven't had any breakages, cracks or any other issues with the figure.

    However, I have to confess that following all the woe and reported breakages I've been treating her like a china doll. I don't move the legs unless I can avoid it, and she's standing in the most neutral pose you can imagine.

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    Mine is still fine. She's in Castle grayskull, gurading He-Man's vest and axe
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    Mine is still in the package, with my luck she probably breaks if I stare at her too long, sooner or later I'll find a loose Marlena and do the pelvis swap..

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    Got mine when she first went on sale, she's been out posed. Even taken a tumble of about 4 Feet and is holding up as much as every other figure.

    As Jor-El above - will be checking her again tonight!
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    Mine was perfectly fine until i decided (way too confident) to sit her down,her left thigh didn't take it
    and broke.
    Ever since i used some Blu-Tack to fix this all but i can't keep myself from considering another buying...

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    Still in the package!

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    Chewer of Trollans
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    All these positive "my Goddess is fine" posts force me to have to say that mine broke literally exiting the package. And given that I'm not even a casual customizer or willing to purchase and extra female just for the hip, she is now super-glued. My daughter refers to her as the dangerous Goddess because I've warned her about further damaging her so many times.

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    My Goddess figure is on display and perfect after all these years. She has fallen over a number or times, or been knocked over by other falling figures (darn loose ankles) and never have I had a problem with her.

    I love the Goddess. I love those old 2nd series mini-comics by DC. Tale of Teela is my favorite where we learn Teela was cloned by Skeletor from the Goddess. I love the part where Teela and Goddess unite!

    Despite never having a problem with my Goddess figure, I did purchase 2 more of her some years ago during a sale just in case anything should ever go wrong with my beloved loose figure. I will have a couple of back ups.
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    Mine's still in the package. I'm afraid to open her after hearing all the breakage stories.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    My Green Goddess has been open and on display since I got her.
    I haven't had any breakages, cracks or any other issues with the figure.

    However, I have to confess that following all the woe and reported breakages I've been treating her like a china doll. I don't move the legs unless I can avoid it, and she's standing in the most neutral pose you can imagine.
    Me too. Ever since hearing about the chance of breakage I don't try to move her legs. It's part of the reason why I want a non-translucent version of the character.

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    I had mine in package a while before opening her and she broke about 5 seconds once she was opened. Not a customizer but would love to try and fix her someday. I would definitely buy one if there was a 2.0 version. I periodically look for a loose one on eBay to replace my own.

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    I've posed her and displayed her periodically. But most of the time I do pose her legs to make up for the lack of angles her head can make. Glad I read this. Oddly enough I found her to be the most sturdy female figure but I'm now realizing she's stiff and that's probably a major contributor to these breaks.

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    @evilash529: That's what I'm worried about.....she'll stay MOC.
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    Mine is fine to date. I have her loose and haning out with my Snakemen in my MOTUC curio. I do handle her very carefully and do not try any crazy posing with her. She is a great figure and I wish she did not have so many issues!!!!!

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    Mine broke a couple years ago when I attempted to put her in a different position, but after hot gluing her she has stood firm.
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    So far mine hasn't any breakage, but I haven't moved her in ages, and I don't plan to do so. She's just standing there holding her spear. Pretty unimpressive, but at least she's not a pile of broken parts yet.

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    She has stood tall in her vanilla pose since day 1 without any issues, she has also taken at least 4 drops of over 6' (she is on the top shelf) due to other figures loose ankles. I have been lucky, unfortunately the same can't be said of the original king grayskull. this past summer when he took a fall, his left ankle bent up, so that he was unable to stand flat, I went to fix this, but it was jammed.... I applied too much pressure and the ring on the ankle joint snapped in half. I feel that it was partially my fault for not trying to loosen the ankle first with a hair dryer, so I am not 100% placing that blame on mattel since I knew the stories prior to my actions and it is still a VERY tight fit too, so you would never actually KNOW that it broke as he stands perfectly fine now with 0 glue or anything, but since then I moved the green goddess to the back row so that things wouldn't knock her over accidentally as a precaution
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