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["House of Shokoti" parts 1 & 2, "The Cat and the Spider" (the Kittrina episode), "A Bird in the Hand", "Battlecat" and "The Ancient Mirror of Avathar"]

Ah, but were Queen Valeena and Draka not replaced by a guy in a purple suit who'd have a hellavatime wiping his own bottom, since the comic was an adaptation of the cartoon, ja?

[Also, there's one fairly important other point of difference: "A Tale of Two Cities", as the title implied, involved two cities - Operon and Targa - in a state of Cold War, while "Slave City" simplified that to a wandering group of bandits mounting a coup d'etat on a single city.]
Ah I did not remember the other Melaktha episodes, but I should have.

However, I was sure the Slave City comic came before the cartoon episode because they didn't know about Zodac at the time (Lodar was originally Zodak and had to be changed manually because it went to print before they were told about Zodac). I guess that mistake could have happened at any time though. Those are indeed other differences, and I love them all on both sides of the fence. Also they gave a Native American design to Garn and Rana (renamed from Rhea--or the other way, whichever), which connects them while I don't think they were connected in the episode. And don't forget the Kobolds! I would love it if all these different elements could be combined in MOTUC as I did in a 200X fan fic so we could get that many figures. Probably never gonna happen though. Interestingly Queen Valeena's name was actually Queen Balina according to Busta Toons!