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Hold the phone...

You mean to say that EACH SDCC, there will be some "unofficial official vote" in which the convention-goers enact some major change in the line?!! Instead of thousands of people voting on the.org or even Mattycollector's Facebook, the fate of some aspect of the line is decided on the fly and on the spot by like a hundred people who attend the panel?

I really don't agree to this.
It's a reward for those who spend the money to attend SDCC! They need something, because just getting a bunch of exclusives and actually being at the show isn't enough!

They dodged my question. I hope Orko's bio does answer it, because really, it was a yes or no question, at least the first part. That second part, asking for more specific story details, wasn't actually mine, or at least, I don't remember asking that. I did think it was a nice little addition though, but I think it scared them from actually answering the first part. I just wanted wanted to know if they're the same group or not.

But thanks, I do appreciate the opportunity to ask these questions.