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Thread: Answers to WTFWTK 2.24!

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    With the exception of the SDCC voting thing the answers were all good and most welcome. Cheers, TG.

    I'm looking forward to more bios, especially if Orko's is as interesting as it sounds.

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    i say this would be a better solution.

    at the SDCC matty panel tell the crowd the question they get to vote on and tell them go to or wherever to vote on it(since you KNOW they don't feel, a he-man centric board that is non-mattel affiliated/owned, has the finger on the pulse of what he-fans want i guess).

    they get REAL and UNBIASED "fan insite". ADDED BONUS they get increased traffic to their website.

    the fans get a REAL say in an issue that is near and dear to them.

    everyone wins
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    Every year we let the fans at SDCC vote for something in the line. In 2008 fans voted for heads over mini comics, in 2009 fans voted for unflocked Panthor. Who knows what we will let fans vote on in 2010...the best way is to be at our fan panel! This is a special reward for those who come out, they actually get to affect the line in a permanent way
    Could we all at least be there in spirit and have a chance to vote online? I haven't got the thousands of dollars to spend or the time to fly all the way to the US.

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    Did we know about the Panthor thing? I voted for flocked at the panel, thought most people did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by evenflow View Post
    Did we know about the Panthor thing? I voted for flocked at the panel, thought most people did.
    That's what I'm saying... The applause was overwhelmingly for flocking. I think they are rewriting history to fit the needs of maintaining articulation, hoping people who were there won't remember so they can say "Well, it's what the fans wanted, anyway, and it works best for the figure, so... here ya go!"

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