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The figures that can be produced are figures that were in the original MOTU, POP and NA lines, as well as in the mini-comics for these lines.
Characters that appeared in the 2002 MYP cartoon are also fair game.
Filmation characters are off limits!
Who will be produced will remain to be seen.

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Previous WTFWTK sessions (questions and Mattel answers):


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The questions that were asked in the previous Q&A & will be answered in a couple weeks as follows (please do not repeat them, or questions from previous Q&As):

1. Grenadaspice: When you produce a MOTUC Man-E-Faces, may we expect to see a "Man-E-Weapons" version of him as well?

2. King Tycho: Many fans are unhappy with the way our opinions are tabulated. In particular, the SDCC "voting sessions". Fans at SDCC are not representative of fans as a whole. Wouldn't it be preferable to handle all fan input through polls and feedback online, on sites such as Mattycollector and (A perfect example is the flocking of Panthor, where every poll online reveals that a vast majority of fans want him to be flocked)

3. Lord of Destruction: Why was Green Goddess named Sharella when this was originally the name of an unreleased character, a tribal chieftess who helped train He-Ro? We understand that He-Ro's origin was altered for MOTUC, but Sharella and the Goddess were not originally the same character.

4. Kinghsss456: According to the new MOTUC bio, Scareglow is one of the "most evil warriors in the five dimensions." Would you please tell us the names of the five dimensions, and how soon will we see the other evil warriors from the other dimensions? And is there a corresponding heroic warrior from each dimension?

5. badmouse: Before sculpting any of the figures, do the Four Horsemen design everything on paper? If so, in the near future will you show us that concept art and those design illustrations?


So ask those questions!