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Thread: WTFWTK 2.27 - Ask your questions here!

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    Gotta agree. That is a screwy way to talk to the fans of your product.

    On a seperate note. Is there any chance of seeing the version of Scareglow that appeared in a special edition of the 200X comic?

    I feel that the classic version is a little goofy with a paintjob that doesn't do him justice. Maybe it would have been better to have had a skeletal structure inside a see-through plastic body mold.

    Though at least fans now have a cape they could try and put on their skeletors (always thought he looked naked without it).
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    In regards to my speculation on who Teela's real father is.

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    Please can you detail the standard of the monthly figures if the bonus figures are to be rolled into the regular monthly slot. Bonus figures are much lower production cost figures with virtually no new tooling.
    EG: suppose Prince Adam was the june bonus figure and was just a repainted he-man with a pink sword and little jacket. The initial bonus figures didn't perform well enough and He ended up being the july monthly figure instead. Would he be the same as the planned bonus figure or would he be given more work - for example, an extra head and weapons?
    I'm sure a lot of subscribers are worried that the money they've commited will ultimately mean getting a load of varient he-man and skeletors with minimal actual work compared to the likes of Man-At-Arms and Hordak that have become the benchmark for the main monthly release
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    Many people have had various loose joint issues with Teela. There have also been consistant joint issues in the past, particularly with ankles. Will the loose joints issue actually be resolved?
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    Is it possible to release King Randor and the Goddess at december 1st?
    December 15th could be to late for christmas. We want both under the christmas tree. December 1st would be better for christmas presents

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    There are a ton of smaller scale lines out there, like STAR WARS, GI JOE, INDIANA JONES, INFINITE HEROES, MARVEL UNIVERSE, and more.

    Is there any chance of a smaller scale MOTU line down the road?
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    If Stinkor is released, he will include Odiphus in his "staction version" or he will be a new sculpt (or articulation)?

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