Prepare to have your mind blown! Search on E-bay to find a collection of original art from an unpublished MOTU comic book! The pages where penciled by Adrian Gonzales and are for sale by lewis wayne gallery. So far 32 pages are known to exist with only 3 of the first 10 accompanying the others. Page 16 is the last one that got as far as the inking stage, with the rest being in a loose penciled stage. All the pages have been lettered, and edited, though it seams not completely. Unfortunately the story does not end at the 32nd page and we are left to ponder what else might have happened in this lost tale! The story is a retelling of He-Man's origin and was created in 1984 according to the seller. The most interesting thing is that this is not Filmation's Adam/He-Man, and it isn't even Mattel's original barbarian tales. This is all together something different! We are introduced to the the scawny son of a sheperd who along with his love Shalda are attacked by Skeletor's demon army (rather generic looking bunch, no Beastman or Me-Man even...) The shepherd's son life is saved by Man-At-Arms and some unnamed Healer who use ancient technology transforming the young boy into the mighty "He-Man". The story continues, but don't let me spoil all of it for you. Nothing about the inker, editor or publisher is given in the items description, but I'm about to email the current owner to try and find out more about this.