While slasher movies are probably the lowest rung on the horror movie totem pole, I often find them to be the most enjoyable since you can really turn off your brain while watching them and usually know what you're going to get from them. What are your favorites when it comes to slasher "icons"?

Coolest Looking Slasher

Ghostface (Scream Trilogy) [I love the mask and the black clothes make "him" hard to spot in the dark]

Worst Looking Slasher

Michael Myers (Halloween 2 - 2009) [he looks like a dirty vagrant]

Scariest Slasher

Leatherface (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - 1974) [a large, grunting, mentally challenged psycho who wears his victims skin is one creepy freak]

Most Laughably Bad Slasher

Peter/Angela (Sleepaway Camp) [the movie wasn't horrific but the idea that a frail little boy/girl could kill so many people just seemed lame to me]

Best Franchise Featuring A Slasher

Scream [the only franchise where I'd give "thumbs up" to all installments]

Worst Franchise Featuring A Slasher

Jack Frost

[need I say more?]

Best Remake Featuring A Slasher

The Hills Have Eyes [while not great, it was better than the other recent slasher remakes]

Worst Remake Featuring A Slasher

Halloween [turned a great slasher icon into Jeffrey Dahmer while giving us a movie filled with poor acting and an awful script]

Slasher Most In Need Of A Remake

Child's Play [when they gave Chucky a son and had his Bride possess Jennifer Tilly, they went past campy right into crappy]

Slasher Whose Franchise Needs To End

Michael Myers (Halloween)

Slasher Who Deserves A Bigger Audience

Three Finger (Wrong Turn Trilogy) [best redneck psycho since Leatherface]

Best Slasher Sequel

Halloween IV [great beginning, great ending, and the last great installment in the Halloween franchise]

Worst Slasher Sequel

Halloween 2 (2009) [makes Rob Zombie's first remake look better it's so bad]

Biggest Guilty Pleasure Slasher

Chucky (Child's Play) [while the first movie might be the only great installment, Brad Dourif really makes this character]