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Thread: spotted Spin Blade He-Man

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    spotted Spin Blade He-Man

    I spotted this horrible inception of variants at 2nd and Charles-used bookstore-for $20!!!! The people running the store must have no idea the futility in selling him.
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    Especially for $20!
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    10,633 about holding onto stock.
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    Better pick it up. They don't realize what they have.

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    I remember at one point seeing these at KB Toys for $1

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    Anyone trying to sell this atrocity for more than 7 bucks (I think that's about what the shelf had him) needs to have their head examined. So many times I see this on Ebay and I just want to email all the sellers and ask them what they are smoking! They just don't understand that all these horrible variants clogged up shelf space for better figures that could have potentially saved the entire line. Now I can only get a Clawful as a statue... he would have been so awesome as a figure with moving parts. Damn you Smash spin jungle samurai battle armor!

    There's a Jungle Attack He Man on Ebay for 45 dollars. Somebody better snatch that up quick!
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    Quote Originally Posted by alucard View Post
    Anyone trying to sell this atrocity for more than 7 bucks (I think that's about what the shelf had him) needs to have their head examined.
    Hey! You might be able to get $8.00 on a really good day!

    I'm sure it's a case of a store selling something that they don't specialize in, and just throwing a price on it.
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    I think SB He-Man's will join Twinkie's and cockroaches as the only survivors of a nuclear war
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    About 3 years ago I saw a bunch of spin blade figures and a few vehicles at Walgreen's for $10. For some stupid reason I actually looked through the 5 or six pegs and found an Orko and Trap-Jaw. I knew someone who was looking for 200x figures so I picked them up. When I got home I realized that both were chase figures.

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