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Thread: Question regarding the vintage Slime Pit

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    Question regarding the vintage Slime Pit

    I have a Slime Pit with Box in my collection. The toy is complete, but, as often, the slime can is missing. I would like to complete the set and found a couple of cans on eBay, but when I googled for a picture of the correct can that came with the Slime Pit, I got contradicting results. There's, of course, the one with the Hordak face on the lid, but there's also that variant without the face and apparently a version that came without a label (of course it might be that the label was just missing, but I found pictures of that version more than once, so you never know).
    Now, could somebody please tell me which can to buy if I wanted to recreate the set as it was produced?

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    I only ever recall the shops selling the slime with Hordaks face on the lid .
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