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Thread: Need assistance with Recarded or original packaging

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    Need assistance with Recarded or original packaging

    I bought a Man-E-Faces 3 weeks ago and it arrived today. I had a look at it and immediately I thought there's something not quite right about this

    I bought this off eBay believing it was an original- I now think its been recarded-I'll post some photos but would be interested in what some of the other collectors think before I request a refund

    My issues are-

    The bubble appears smaller (width) than others I've seen- most go almost to the edge
    The hanging hole appears to be in the wrong place (too high)
    The characters on the back of the card aren't clear-look like they are a scan
    There are lines in the plastic bubble on each corner
    Serial number on back of card (bottom right corner) is different from all others I can find


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    I'm by no means an expert but it definitely looks off to me also. And for the exact reasons you stated. I would definitely open a case against them. I have been out of the hobby and haven't bought any carded figures for about 7 years but it seems like there's more recards floating around now than there was back then. Maybe the technology is getting better. I'm starting to realize now that we all need to be more careful. I was naive and never thought I had much to worry about collecting MOC MOTU.

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    It is not an original for sure.
    I can see many differences between your and an original one about details of the card (an unpunched taiwanese hole is not like that, red rocks background is missing details, how the bubble is sealed, size of the bubble, the Mattel logo size etc etc).
    I bought myself a recarded one by mistake a long time ago, it is why I can be affirmative.

    A picture to compare with an original one:
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