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Thread: NTSC Masters Of He-Man & She-Ra Apparently Not Destroyed According To Busta Toons

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    NTSC Masters Of He-Man & She-Ra Apparently Not Destroyed According To Busta Toons

    I'm in a warehouse (somewhere in the UK) looking at He-Man animation art folders - And here I thought this was a US-based activity! smile emoticon ‪#‎heman‬ ‪#‎motu‬ ‪#‎mastersoftheuniverse‬ ‪#‎1980s‬
    So, it would appear that Hallmark didn't destroy the 1/4 NTSC masters and original film reels of He-Man and She-Ra! smile emoticon ‪#‎heman‬ ‪#‎motu‬ ‪#‎mastersoftheuniverse‬ ‪#‎1980s‬
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    Great news indeed!

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    Wow! Not just the NTSC masters but film too!! So just maybe, and I stress maybe, if all the film elements are there we could possibly see a true HD release of the original show.

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    Woo hoo! Fantastic news.

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    The text isn't clear that is it for all 130 episodes or just a selection of Master-tapes James uncovered?

    Captain Marvel: Yes, if all elements are present, that means HD version is possible. But the real question is; is there a studio willing to do it, given how previous sales with DVD have proven that it wouldn't be such a big market for time and effort? (BCI when it still existed, seemed to be our best bet to put money and talent for such a task, but I don't know what Mill Creek/Dreamworks thinks...)

    In any case, as I said previously already. I'm just glad James is the one who discovered these and that he is actively out there doing research and all for the brand.

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    ....I am SO. FLIPPING. HAPPY!!!

    As much as I love the BCI sets for giving me the entire run of She-Ra to enjoy, I have never, EVER, liked the sped-up animation or higher pitched voices. If ALL the episodes of the She-Ra show are here, I would be through the roof excited.

    Was this reported on the main news page?

    I'm astounded to find it halfway down the vintage forums. STELLAR news. Adora will sound like a normal woman again!

    James I am hugging, high fiving and bowing before you all at once. UPDATES! Please. Whenever you can. How did this happen?!? Where were they hiding? How did you find out?!?

    I need a full-on 20/20 or Dateline NBC report. And a chill pill. Make that two.

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