I got pointed to some vintage MOTU listings while shopping for the Robo Force toys- stuff listed in seller's accounts while browsing their other goods. I notice a few vintage MOTU figures, all complete, with very minor wear, for dirt cheap. Roboto only in need of new leg paint, Ram Man with only a few small paint rubs, stuff like that. $8-$10 shipped price ranges. Then I get curious and search for the general toy listings and I find piles of this stuff for the $10 shipped and under range. Many good condition figures, some that look like they were new off the card, with their weapons. Man-E-Faces, Spikor, Kobra Khan, Leech, I can go on.

Is there some reason for this? Are these toys just more common than I thought? Did MOTUC cause people to lose interest and start unloading these- or worse, did buying MOTUC and subs cause people to sell their vintage stuff to fund the new line? I mean, sure these aren't at the price levels of some unwanted over-available 90s toy lines, but I almost expected higher prices for MOTU. I expected the $10 range to be poorer condition figures with no parts, not pristine copies. Sure you have your more expensive toys- Trap Jaw, the assortment of later wave toys that are rarer, and so on- but it seems common for these toys to be so cheap. Granted, these are BIN prices- auctions may be lower.

Exactly why is this? A glut? Lack of nostalgic interest? Combination? I didn't pay any attention to POP stuff to see what their prices were, but with MOTUC's versions being animation-accurate I could believe those toys also being in the same boat. Likewise for 200X, I didn't search much for those specifically but I did notice more than a few pieces in the same price ranges.