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Thread: Club NA 01 "A New Beginning"

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    Club NA 01 "A New Beginning"

    The viewing club has begun! We'll of course start with the first episode A New Beginning! Post thoughts and comments below and engage in some fun discussions about the first episode of New Adventures!
    I loved growing up in the 80's....wish my kids someday could experience the same thing....

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    I don't know if I'll have time to rewatch this ep, but having seen it not too long ago...

    I really appreciated that the pilot show took some time on Eternia to bridge between the old and new concepts. I didn't like the random thugs that brought Flipshot and Hydron to Skeletor...why couldn't they have used Beast Man? I doubt copyright would have been a problem (but then, this is the show that made Teela a blonde). Adam saying goodbye to his parents was a nice touch.

    The whole getting Skellie and HM into space part is where I think the story falls apart. I have trouble with Adam just walking away from the kingdom he was groomed to inherit (perhaps showing Adora at the palace would have helped that plot point), and I have even more problems with the silly fashion Flipshot and H grab both hero and villain. Seriously - they couldn't tell who was the good guy?!?

    Hard to think of them as even semi-capable heroes.

    I think the mini comic version of events had a bit more oomph to it....

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