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Thread: Interview Filmation's Erika Scheimer!

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    Interview Filmation's Erika Scheimer!

    Entertainment Weekly's James Gartler interviewed Filmation's Erika Scheimer! She celebrates She-Ra’s 30th with a walk down memory lane. Learn about her days at Filmation, share in thoughts of her father Lou Scheimer and much more!

    Click here to read, and please leave comments below the interview!
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    Thanks for sharing! I agree with Erika and hope any future film has the humanity of the original cartoons. We don't need a dark brooding He-Man or She-Ra.

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    Cool! Will have to check it out. Erika is such a wonderful person.
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    great interview, I like the behind the scenes chat on the dvds too, for me I'm a she-ra fan, I don't care for he-man so I would love a proper filmation version she-ra statue or bust

    Also its a massive shame we fans will never get a proper Blu-ray release either since the originals were destroyed after digitizing them for the dvds :/ who the hell does that lol why not just keep them, those german blu-rays by the way before anyone mentions them are only Blu-ray discs with the dvd versions on..literally they just took them and shoved them on Blu-ray discs not tried to clean them up or even properly rescale them hence why there are tons of eps on 1 Blu-ray disc

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    Great interview, though I don't completely agree with Erika on the violence of the comic, or the general need for that in any new interpretation of He-Man and She-Ra. While I absolutely feel it doesn't need to be excessive and over-the-top, what the Filmation cartoon lacks the most, in my opinion, is true action and fighting. I love the Filmation cartoons, but they really need more action, fighting, punching, kicking, etc. It can be done and not go overboard.
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    cool interview. While She-Ra wasn't a favorite of mine, I still enjoyed the occasional episode then, and now. Plus it's always good to see the properties being kept alive; every little nugget helps in getting the word out and making the new movie that closer to getting greenlit.

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