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    Quote Originally Posted by mahuti View Post
    And it's been a few days. Got a NIB, unopened Attak Trak model.

    Always wanted one of these as a kid… wanted all 3, but I think my mom knew that I didn't really ever finish a model. I love doing models now, but I just don't have much time. I'll definitely spend some time on this one. Even though it's a snap-tite, I'll be running out to get some glue tonight! Uploaded a closeup of the attak trak driver. I was always intrigued by these characters when I was a kid.
    Love the look of those models! The colors are great on them!

    I went to a toys show in Columbus on Sunday and found some very cool things (that you can read about over in the What's your latest non-MOTU toy item score thread.

    I picked up two MOTU items - a Blaster Hawk and a Point Dread w/ unbroken perch tabs and instructions!
    The Blaster Hawk completes my collection of vintage US vehicles, and I was really excited to get one without paying for shipping. The Point Dread finally gives me an unbroken perch for the Talon Fighter. Sellers rarely tell you if the PD perch tabs are broken (it seems like at least one always is) or don't know what you're talking about if you ask , so I was happy to find one in person I could take a look at first.

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