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Thread: Galactic Protectors Official MOTUC Thread

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    I have no doubt that the 4H will make all three Protectors amazingly!

    Especially Tartarus, he was always my favorite good guy of the toys!

    Though its annoying that they -Mattel- have already mage his 'helmetless' head into Icarius!
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    Here's prototype Kayo, just for comparison's sake.

    Quote Originally Posted by DO4M View Post
    I think Kayo will get a new head... and not Reuse Flipshot's.
    I agree, I just don't see the resemblance. I can get why people would, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    I didn't have Vizar or Nocturna as a kid, but I did have Kayo. He was awesome. Sure, he's not the typical MOTU-style hero, but when I was a kid, the impression I got was that his power was just that he was an all-around butt-kicker and weapons maker.

    I'm actually looking forward to him in MOTUC.
    MegaGearMax posted somewhere, I think in the Kayo thread, that he seems (paraphrased) "like the NA version of Fisto". Depending on how you take that, I think that makes him a bit more acceptable to those who aren't as accepting of him in MOTUC, in my opinion. I like your description, too: all around butt-kicker and weapons maker. That should be his title!

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkspecter View Post
    I know I'll get backlash for saying this, but I think they're more interesting looking and far less bland than probably 60% of the Filmation designs.
    *Pod people hiss @ Darkspecter*

    Quote Originally Posted by 13977 View Post
    I do see your point but like yourself and others have said with Kayo/Tartarus he does look a lot better with his helmet and accessories. Its interesting you say he looks like a space medieval knight as I've always (even as a kid) though he looked like a space Roman Gladiator.
    I like that observation, with his gauntlets, helmet, and shield, he does look a lot like a gladiator.

    Quote Originally Posted by Staff Of Ka View Post
    I have no doubt that the 4H will make all three Protectors amazingly!
    They did a great job with Icarius, so hopefully the rest of the Guardians will be just as amazing.
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    Kayo/Tatarus is very far from beling "bland" !

    He's actually one of the galactic protectors I liked best in the NA line !

    He looks a bit like a gladiator, and his armor, helmet, arm shield and gun give him a very cool warrior look !

    Nocturna would need improvement (accessories and a new, better suit).

    Vizar is really bland, but I guess the 4 Horsemen might knock him out of the park...

    I must admit I'm not in a hurry to see Nocturna and Vizar. There are tons of way cooler vintage figures to be released first. I'd like to see Kayo, though...

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    My god, I always knew in my gut, as a kid, that NA was dull, now I see why more clearly....

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    Aw, I like these three. Kayo is like a lethal football player! He was pretty awesome in the cartoon.

    Visor looks spiffy! He's the good guys' answer to Tri-Klops, much like Nocturna is the good guy's answer to Ninjor!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hordaiquiri View Post
    *Pod people hiss @ Darkspecter*

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevenn View Post
    Aw, I like these three. Kayo is like a lethal football player! He was pretty awesome in the cartoon.
    Kayo looks a lot better with all his stuff on (I forgot about that when I first saw the picture ), but I do think he looks even better in the cartoon. I like the figure versions of the other two the best.
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    I want them all! More excited for NA figures than any other really.

    Tatarus isn't a boring design if done right, he has those cool bionic parts to his arms as well as the armour. I hope the Visar concept art is used as maybe a different character as he is white but the released Visar is black. The black guy can be Visar and the white guy, Visor.
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    honestly, i think that these guys may have some potential in 4h's hands,
    but i must admit that the concept arts looks better than the final version,
    especially regarding nocturna: i really like the techno-ninja concept over
    the "eye-catching camo" (a real contraddiction in terms, imho).

    in general terms, na characters seems to be reminescent of captain
    power and the soldiers of future, so maybe this similarities could be
    underlined in motuc to increase the appeal of the "weakest" figure:
    kayo/tatarus could be beefed up ā la "tank", while vizar and nocturna's
    accessories could be increased with extra espionage and communication
    features (even wrist mounted items, like spector's mini cosmic key thing,
    more or less).

    i agree with 13977 about the gladiator look, but...well, due to the white and
    red and blue scheme, kayo seems to belong to the "american gladiators" more
    than the roman ones!

    Quote Originally Posted by Uki View Post
    (Anyone think Vizar should get a Wesley Snipes head and Nocturna a Stallone head? )
    ...that's a "demolishing" idea!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodster6 View Post
    I hope the Visar concept art is used as maybe a different character as he is white but the released Visar is black. The black guy can be Visar and the white guy, Visor.
    The Vizar concept already has a different name, he was called Detector when it was at that stage so it would be easy to do him as a different character:

    and he even appeared as Detector in some of the UK and European comics:

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    I want all of them, though Kayo, Mara, and Drissi are at the top of my list. If Filmation-exclusive characters can now have figures, I don't see why we can't add NA cartoon-exclusive characters like Drissi as well. What can I say, I always had a crush on her.
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