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Thread: Roast Gooble POD Cast Newbie

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    Roast Gooble POD Cast Newbie

    OK I know I'm Johnny come lately, but I just started listing to the pod casts on the way to work and home just about everyday, I'm on #22. It's pretty cool. My favorite is Eamon, he is a total crack up. If you have not started to listen to them I encourage you to. They are well worth the time.

    On a side note, there are quite a few that are very slow talking, I guessing they talk slow so it is clearer for us to hear, just set you iPod on 2X before you plug the cord into your car stereo. I do that for most of the pod cast except when they are doing interviews.

    You can understand everyone most of the time on double speed except sometimes Emiliano.

    JVS's voice is way diffident then I expected.
    Pixle Dan is the voice of reason, he says the same things I would say (except for the wrestling stuff) if I were there.

    I know this is kind of strange, but I look forward to listening to them it's like I'm hanging out with my 4 new friends.

    Anyway try out the Pod casts, there are only 49 of them right now, and it only took me 2 weeks to get to #22, so soon I'll be out of them but I hope soon they make some more.

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    Yea I'm caught up now but I came in late too and these podcasts are awesome

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    Glad you started lsitening and enjoy it!

    Now, let's all start harping on Val to get the new episodes uploaded, seeing as how we are recroded through 54!

    Yeah yeah, I know. Busy with work, blah blah. Love ya, Val!
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    Yep, that's my later week plans. I gotta get my deadlines done this week though.

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    I just started listening about 2 weeks ago and am up to episode 43. I am rationing the remaining 6 out because I am fearful my body will go into shock without my regular Gooble.
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