As you know, we are looking to bring some of the New Adventures characters into the Classics line over the next few years (and the first one will be in the first half of 2010, but it may not be who you think!).

One of the ways we prep for this line is by getting samples of all the old figures. While we have loose figures, our archive does not have packaged samples of every NA figure.

So we'd like to turn to the fans. It would be very helpful if fans who have carded samples of NA characters can post the bios from the back of all the NA figures in this thread. We won't be repeating them verbatum, but we want to include some elements in the new Classics card backs. We have the first few NA bios complete already, but as we get to more obscure characters in the coming years, access to the orignal bios would be great!

If fans can create a complete NA biosl list in this post, that would be very helpful to our entertainment team!