Lots going on in the MOTU world. We got in a new sample of Moss Man. Almost there. His fur is not quite the right color, so we're going to hold off until we have a more finished sample on this guy before posting.

We also got early samples of Battle Cat in package in. Have a bit of an issue that his mask is falling off in package. We're doing everything we can to fix this before the full production is finished. He'll come in a box with a blister back (similar to the original toy) so worst case is the box can be opened without damage to slide the mask back on. But we'll do all we can to avoid this!

As soon as we have a better sample we'll post it for all to see.

And the big news, we've got our April 2010 figure all lined up. You can catch the first images of EVIL LYN in the next issue of Toy Fare magazine! Which version is she? You'll just have to wait until Toy Fare's 2010 preview in issue 150 to find out!