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Thread: EVIL-LYN IN APRIL! (Don't post illegal ToyFare scans! Mattel should post images soon)

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    I find Evil Lyn more attractive then Teela!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urosinho View Post
    I find Evil Lyn more attractive then Teela!
    I second that, shes so strong and dignified looking! i hope the finished version looks more like the Toyfare paint app though! the eyes are stronger!
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    No extra head or cape for Evil-Lyn. :

    Neitlich: Tonight's the first time we've mentioned Optic. There's also a few other things in the case that we revealed. We have Evil-Lyn, who is our April figure. We unveiled all of her accessories. She comes with a wand, a staff, a dagger, Screeech the bird (that's with 3 'E's) and Screeech's perch and armor...we haven't done the perch and the armor yet. So that was a big reveal.
    Screeech with 3 e's though. I forget which .orger it is that keeps posting the packaging that shows 3 e's (as well as 2). He'll be happy.
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