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Thread: Matty Q & A Round-up for November 16

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    Matty Q & A Round-up for November 16

    2) What are the chances of Mattel adopting a resalable kind of packaging for the MOTUC line so collectors don't need to ruin the awesome package art to get to their even more awesome figures?

    This is something I have looked into, but no, the packaging will not be resealable in the near future.

    2.) PrfktTear asks: Whenever Evil-Lyn is made for MOTUC, will she have her Classic yellow skin/blue armor? Will she be available as a bonus with the 2002 white skin/purple armor?

    It is too early for me to comment on any unannounced figures, but I can tell you our long term plan is to do multiple versions of main characters, especially if they had two distinct looks like Evil-Lyn does.

    4.) Thomas B asks: It was expressed by ToyGuru on the board that the bonus figures sales need to “pick up steam”, which seems odd, since a sell-out is a sell-out and this contradicts what has been said previously about Mattel’s desire to have the figures available for 2-3 weeks. So my question is, if future bonus figure sales are the same as Zodak’s, will that be satisfactory?

    If future bonus figures sell as well as Zodak we will continue the program.

    The Fwoosh

    1. The side-to-side rocker ankles on MOTUC Teela look perfect. Can we get those on some DCUC figures?

    When appropriate and workable, yes.

    4. We know that MOTUC takes most of its stylistic cues from the classic 80s line, but what about Mantenna? If/when you get around to doing him for the line, would his four legs be connected two by two like the old figure, or all for individual like he has been portrayed in the 200x and She-Ra cartoons?

    It’s too early to tell, but likely I’ll try to go for 4 legs since he would need new legs anyway to show the “2 combined legs” like the vintage figure had. I might also give him two heads, one with eyes up, one with eyes down.
    MegaGearMax Additions

    Kastor's Korner

    Kastor: The 80's Evil Lyn was a repaint of Teela with a new head. With the new line are you looking to give her an original sculpt or will she have the same treatment as her 80's version?

    Matty: I can’t comment on unannounced figures, but the long term plan is to do multiple version of Evil Lyn. (Editors note: This was asked before she was announced last night as the April 2010 figure)
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