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Mmm...I don't like the idea that Dare is Adora and Seahawk's son, because it would mean than they died in battle or something; I mean, why would they not raise their own son? And in my canon, She-ra/Adora DOESN'T DIE!!!

If she isn't dead, then she is a bad mother. Or a busy one? -'Sorry Adam, can you raise my son while I go kick the Horde's ass at the other end of the galaxy? I'm kinda really busy with work'. -'Why, of course, Sis', but I'll lie to him about who his true parents were'. -'Awesole! Love ya!'
I posted this in the Q&A section, but that's not the case, oulala. In the He-Ro bible, it says Dare was taken from his parents. It's a future version of Secret of the Sword...but instead of seeing Dare's (Adora's) life after all that stuff happened, we're basically seeing it as it unfolds, you know?

Sea Hawk and Adora do not know where their son is and they are searching for him or are trapped somewhere. It's like Queen Marlena and King Randor: they didn't know what happened to Adora. They searched for her all those years and never found her. I mean...parents who have their children abducted and cannot find them, doesn't make them terrible parents.