Better to make this a poll...

With all the antiPOP/ProPOP discussion rampaging on the forum and on facebook, I decided to have a great laugh at the opionions POP cahracters are "lame" and "girlie" (too bad we just found out the Evil Horde was created for the POP cartoon...)
And since I probably still have a couple of days off, I all about spending some time on a new MOTUC fan design and show everybody how great a POP figure may look in the new line.

But this time, you decide!
But I don't want the most famous or important (So no Angella or Glimmer!)
I want to pick the most "girly", "glittery" and whatever-silly-adjective-you-can-stamp-on-her, POP figure.
Just vote for your favorite, and I will draw her!

For those who don't know what this is about, take a look at my album here:
Let's have some fun, She-Ra lovers!