After fans' voting in this thread, here is the newest concept in the MOTUC visions: Perfuma!

I hope people are not too disappointed.
I never meant to change the character: she was wearing pink and I'm not going to ditch that!

I just mixed toy accessories with the Filmation/POP Styleguide look trying to obrain the ultimate perfuma.
Quoting myself from the other thread: "I can't really get away from how she was envisioned by Filmation.
I love the naive, hippie, silly, flower-loving maid she was in the cartoon.
I don't think at all she was a weak design in the cartoon. Her look perfectly complemented her personality.
She isn't a warrior. She happens to aid the Rebellion, but she's obviously a pacifist."

I think it was also refreshing going back to MOTU designs after spending almost an year designing toys professionally. (especially since most of them were Transformers! )
She came out pretty solid to me, I felt more confident of what I wanted to do.
I really hope to have time to do more in the future!
As usually, previous concept can be found in my album.

Now onto the pic!