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Thread: MOTUC Visions: Perfuma

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    I love how you updated Perfuma. may iI use your design for the costume I making for SDCC?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emiliano View Post
    I still don't get you guys.
    Why you should stop collecting? Can't you just avoid buying this specific figure?
    And what has she do with Barbie?
    She has blonde hair and pink vest. Does Barbie have the TM on blonde hair and pink clothes?
    If you see a woman with blonde hair and a pink shirt, do you think she looks like barbie?

    In all honesty Emil I think it takes a fellow designer to understand exactly why this design of yours works perfectly for the brand:

    You're not going to get some new gritty Perfuma that has dry brushed blood and grime and huge **** spilling over a bodice. This is totally what I would expect from her inclusion in the MOTUC line. I also don't get where the barbie action figure comes from as you could really apply that to any bright colored female action figure, (Star Sisters immediately come to mind).

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    THAT is the Perfuma I want in my MOTUC collection!
    Excellent design.

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