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That's why we need alternate versions of the major characters.
While I would readily agree with you if we were talking about, say, He-Man, Skeletor, Man At Arms, Hordak, She Ra, Teela, Evil-Lynn, the Sorceress, or even Randor or Orko....we're not.

I just don't view Rattlor, or even King Hiss for that matter, to be of sufficient level to warrant more than one version AT THIS TIME. And more importantly, I'm not seeing Mattel make the investments in the line (or even an attempt to increase the potential revenues of the line, come on, a mere repaint or reissue in addition to the normal monthly figure would surely generate extra income for them...) to make a second version that viable.

Looking at Webstor (whose design was just as varied as Rattlor's two versions), I think we'll end up with a "homogenized" version just as with Webstor, Hordak, and Zodak. I love the 200x designs, and particularly adore the Snakemen as villians, but unless Mattel forks out for some new parts, or at least make some kind of texturing effect on the base body (something I haven't seen outside the Beastman/Stratos base), I have doubts how well Rattlor will be done to begin with.

Personally, I think we're at the point that Mattel could justify at least 3 new body bases:
Snake (for Rattlor, Tung Lashor, and maybe Squeeze and Snake-face)
Lanky (Kobra Khan, Buzz-off, and maybe a redone Stratos)
Mech (Roboto, Sy-Klone, Meckaneck, and maybe a redone Man At Arms)