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Thread: MOTUC Sssqueeze Discussion

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    MOTUC Sssqueeze Discussion

    Based on the Rattlor vs The General thread, here's the Sssqueeze thread:

    1. Classic vs 200x. How do you want Sssqueeze. Different armours and different heads or 2 separate characters?

    2. The arms - how would you want Sssqueeze's arms - as attachment? As bendable rubbery plastic with a wire?

    3. The snake gun - should it be more "pet" snake or more mechanical?

    4. Should any other parts of Sssqueeze (e.g. the neck/legs) have the same feature as the arms?

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    I'd like two versions - either by swappable parts or separate figures. One can be Sssqueeze and the other Tanglor (at least unofficially).

    I'd prefer bendable arms, but I don't think that'll happen.

    I'd like the snake to be both "pet" and mechanical, like the POG dinos. It probably came from that era.
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    1-A hybrid look between vintage and 200X as there is not THAT much of a difference between 200X and vintage IIRC.

    2-Interchangeable Arms: One set of non stretched out arms and a stretched out snake arms (bendy wire encased by a soft plaible Plastic/Rubber)

    3- I'm indifferent to the pet snake. I lost it early on (when I had vintage Sssqueeze as a child) so I have no attachment to that accessory.

    4- Let's keep it stretchy arms only. Rattlor's got the Neck thing going down (Why people consider Rattlor cool, while Mekaneck is considered lame? Both of them have stretchy necks... Don't tell me it's the baby rattle...) Stetchy legs would be bad for these top heavy MOTUC figs.
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    LOL, when's the Tung Lashor thread coming?

    Not too different. Once again, we need an alternate 200X head.
    Maybe replaceable normal arms and enlongated arms, ala Trap Jaw? I prefer the vintage hands over Sssqueeze's hands' being Snake heads.

    I guess the major question is exposed feet or boots?
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    Man, part of me doesn't care how they do this; whatever is done will be hilarious! I love this guy! The only thing funnier is the Skeletor variant with the same long bendy arms but with snake skulls for hands. Man I love that guy!

    Anyway, for what I actually would like to see: The only difference on the 200X version that I'd rather not see are the snake heads for hands. I think this guy is much more funny with the hands, strangely enough. The actual design of the character isn't all that different for me, though, so I don't care what they do there. A mix would do fine.

    The big problem comes in with the arms. They are very strict when it comes to NO action features, which is annoying. Certain action features don't really get in the way, and are still fun to this day! Bendy arms, for instance. I would say: don't change a thing. Let this dude have bendy arms and leave it at that. Sadly, I'd bet they would give us some removeable arms and some static long arms in some pose, or possibly articulated somehow.
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    i think squeezee is gonna be one of the easier snakement to do, his body type seems pretty average, nothin bulky about it, some new tooling but nothing drastic, 2 heads, and i prefer the hands over snake head fists. tho the spikes are cool additions and i wouldnt be opposed to those on my figure. definitely need 2 sets of arms, 1 non stretched out, and 1 long wire inside soft plastic arms like clayface and such
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    The could use He-Ro's botos and loincloth for Sssqueeze - he could also have the normal male torso in green with removable armor. How about two new biceps with pimples (right word? ) like on lego bricks... so you could elongate the arms with interconnectable pieces and changeable hands... (man, I should REALLY improve my English... ). Did you guys get what I wanted to say?

    By the way, I don't think that his two heads are sooo different from each other.
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    A hybrid would be fine. No reason we should get two characters, I don't really understand that.

    Hands instead of snake heads.

    Biological pet snake.

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    1) Classic Armor

    2) Arms - bendable rubbery plastic with a wire and fingers hands (cool if we get removable snake hands)

    3) Pet Snake - The Snake Men are "biological" and not technological

    4) No. Only the arms (and pet) are bendable.



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    1. Classic armor with maybe a bit of 200X mix...and 2 seperate heads would be nice....but I don't think they will do that if they give us arm "attachments".

    2. The arms - they will NOT have an "action" feature (unfortunatlly). I'm guessing that they will have some sort of arms to switch out. They may incorporate the "snake hands" from 200X.

    3. The snake gun - should be more "pet".

    4. All the other body parts should be "regular".
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    I'd like to see him made as close to the 200x version as posible, but with vintage looking hands. Not a fan of the snake head hands look.
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    1. I wish they make him as faithful to the vintage one as possible. They could rerelease him later with 200X head, feet and hands and I`d buy both of them.

    2. I like the vintage toy arms, bendy plastic without a wire. Metal wire is prone to breakage if bended too many times. If that`s considered an action feature then even static, detachable arms are fine for me.

    3. About the snake gun, I quote joe-or: a pet with mechanical parts, like POG dinosaurs. Dinosaurs and Snake Men lived together in Preternia, after all.

    4. Only arms should be bendable.
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    I am a fan of the 200x version, but either one is fine. I think the arms/hands should be one of each. One side bendy, other side normal.
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    As expected 200X is the cooler looking way to go, i hope we get that version. Unlike Rattlor / General I don't want them to make Squeeeze 2 different characters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skeletom View Post
    I'd like to see him made as close to the 200x version as posible, but with vintage looking hands. Not a fan of the snake head hands look.
    me too. those snake heads for hands was a bad idea. also i'm glad they are staying away from bendy stuff after snout spout. so hopefully he'll have articulated arms or just arms like octavia.
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    1. Classic vs 200x. How do you want Sssqueeze. Different armours and different heads or 2 separate characters?

    I really prefer the 200X/Staction look for Sssqueeze.

    2. The arms - how would you want Sssqueeze's arms - as attachment? As bendable rubbery plastic with a wire?

    I would like two sets of arms: one pair as "regular" snakeman arms and another set of bendable "sssqueezy" arms.

    3. The snake gun - should it be more "pet" snake or more mechanical?

    I think the snake gun should be a pet snake, but I would also like a snakeman pistol as well, perhaps even a purple version of Khan's weapon.

    4. Should any other parts of Sssqueeze (e.g. the neck/legs) have the same feature as the arms?

    I don't think any other parts should be "sssqueezy."
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    This is one of the very few cases for me where I'd actually welcome him being based a little closer to the 200x design than the original. I just never liked the arms and hands on the original, always looked goofy to me, probably why he was the only snake man I didn't have.

    I don't think the redesign quite nailed it either, but it was better. Personally I always thought that he should have one arm end with a head, much like the 200x version, and his other arm end with a tail, so it was almost as if another snake had grown/extended through him for his python like squeezing abilities.

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    i would just want swappable arms. you could actually just swap them out at the wrist and it would work.

    i do like the 200X head over the more LIZARD looking head of the classic figure.

    i can see He-Ro's parts being used for his crotch and boots but like alot of the snake men and horde they would hopefully have new tooling or VERY creative use of old tooling.

    hopefully for the snakemen they will sculpt a "scaley" buck to be used for them.

    they could even get alot more use out of the tooling if they make geneeric snake men army builders.
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    Two heads would be cool; one like the staction, and one like the vintage figure.

    Am I the only one who DOES NOT want the long arms?

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    No, I'm not keen on the Long arms either.

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    have him like the original one.

    I absolutely HATE how in the 200X his hands were snake heads. To me that ruined the character.

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    I love both versions.
    But I would prefer that Sssqueeze head in the Motuc line would resemble more the 200x version, the vintage version head doesn´t even look like a snake to me.

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    I'm at a loss. I love both. I think he should look as vintage-y as possible and lose the goofiness. I would love to see those claws as accessories in the normal hands.

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    I think that the ultimate Sssqueeze would have:

    1. 2 heads - vintage & 200X

    2. swappable hands / snake head hands

    3. swappable long / short arms

    4. unique 200X-like legs, not Trap Jaw again

    5. pet snake
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