I hate the guy. I don't know why, maybe it's the sad look on his elephant mask. (I'd had that look too If I had to wear that mask in public)
Sure the staction made Snout Spout LOOK cool, but since This is MOTUC, more vintage features might appear on the sad Eternian Firefighter...

We know that there will be no Action Features so no squirting water.
What could the 4H do with him? (IF we even get to him.)
I can see them using the Standard male body(maybe Hordak's lower ab piece) He-Ro's loincloth
Hopefully Using Trap Jaw/Kronis arms and legs and new gloves and feet similar to the staction.
A head with poseable trunk (Hopefully more like the staction)
His Axe and a clip on attachment for his trunk to simulate a stream of water.

So let's talk about Snout Spout!! Show your love/hate/indifference towards the guy...