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Thread: Terrorcotta by the Faceless One

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    Terrorcotta by the Faceless One

    Another custom based on a gbagok's artwork. At first, I intended to do the two Giant Stone Sentries of the 200x series, but I run out of bodies I ended up only having one (already started). Then, I decided to do the Terrorcotta as a sort of commander for when I get around the other two, and I was going to paint it gray.

    Buut I was tired (after making a commission for the two normal stone sentries), and I felt lazy to have to paint all grey with a brush, so I thought of spraying it. But, not having gray spray, I come up with the idea of spraying it red, as his name tells, Terrorcotta, should be more close to red than to gray. And so, here is the result;

    I was really proud with the result, it has a sort of wiered-whacky charm .

    Thanks to gbagok for his wonderful design (and, very cool name too!)
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    Cool, post a figure next to him so we can see just how massive he really is.

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