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    The Official Who Isn't Coming Soon List

    This is the official "Who Isn't Coming Soon List". What this does is keep track of who is far off and WHEN was that status last mentioned. For example, Jitsu's status was "he's coming in time" on May 15th. Now that we know that Adora (January), Trap Jaw (February), Moss Man (March), Evil-Lyn (April), Orko and She-Ra are hitting during 2010, Jitsu could be one of the last 6 characters (unless he's a bonus figure). We might be able to narrow down who is coming, by keeping track of who is not coming and matching this against who is left to make.

    So far we have:

    Masters of the Universe
    Man-E-Faces (May 1st 2009 Q&A, Sept 15th 2009 Q&A, Nov 1st 2009 Q&A)
    Ram Man (WTFWTK 10, WTFWTK 23, 4 Horsemen Interview)
    Buzz-Off (
    Rokkon (WTFWTK 10)
    Stonedar (WTFWTK 10)
    Meteorbs ()
    Clamp Champ ()
    The Sorceress (WTFWTK 29)

    Evil Warriors
    Jitsu (May 15th 2009 Q&A)
    Clawful (
    Spikor (WTFWTK 30)
    Ninjor (WTFWTK 28)

    The Evil Horde
    Leech (Nov 1st 2009 Q&A, WTFWTK 30)
    Mantenna (Nov 16th 2009 Q&A)
    Mosquitor (Dec 15th Q&A)

    The Snake Men
    King Hiss ( 4 Horsemen Interview)

    Princess of Power (POP)
    Bow (Nov 1st 2009 Q&A)
    Entrapta (WTFWTK 2.40)

    200X Figures
    Faceless One (WTFWTK 17)
    Pravus (September Fwoosh Interview)
    Lord Dactus (September Fwoosh Interview)

    200X Alternate Costumes
    200X Evil-Lyn (New pics of Evil-Lyn Thread)
    200X Randor (Dec 1st 2009 Q&A)

    Pre-Filmation Era Alternate Costumes
    Barbarian He-Man (Green Goddess Bio Thread)

    Large Scale Beasts
    Cringer (Dec 15th Q&A)
    Panthor (Toyfare 150 "We need to see how well Battle Cat does")
    Clawdeen (Dec 1st 2009 Q&A)
    Battle Lion ( 4 Horsemen Interview)

    Wind Raider (WTFWTK 14)
    Battle Ram (Could the SKY SLED realistically make it to the MOTUC line?)

    Castle Grayskull

    Characters Who Are Now Getting Made
    Chief Carnivus (September Fwoosh Interview)
    Grizzlor (Sept 15th 2009 Q&A)
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