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Thread: MOTUC at Retail Discussion/Speculation/Support Thread

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    I sure hope not. If you think a 20 minute sold out is bad. Retail's gonna make it worse. Not only that you won't get lucky all the time, there's also cases that you'll find 'em all messed up and crushed. Even worse, you might not find it at all and you ended up wasting both time and gas driving around from one store to another and just getting frustrated for not finding any!

    So, I'll stick with the online only, please!
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    keep buying what i can afford
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    Lots of good pros and cons listed here. I remember when Evil Lyn from 200x had been "released" and I could NOT find her anywhere in all of central Illinois. I drove by and stopped at a certain Wal-mart every day for almost 2 months on my way to class.

    However, I don't think it would be any easier to get only 1 chance per month online and still come away empty handed.

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    assuming it was successful, I'd love it if it went to retail. It was actually a lot easier and exciting for me to buy figures in stores. It was like being a kid again when I was walking into walmart or target and having the first thing pop in your head is go straight to the toy section. And to find what you were looking for and be able to buy it was great.

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    driving around wasting gas and time and finding nothing will be motuc at retail. leave it online.
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    As long as everything that goes to retail is also on Matty every month i'm cool with it. I'd still buy it at retail but it would still be easier to shop online for them.
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    I'll just cry like a baby for two or three days without ever stopping.

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    I'd rather it just stay online. With the superman 2-packs, I had to go ebay because my local TRU store decided not to carry it and there's not another one anywhere close. I don't want to throw my money away to the secondary market - keep it online.

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    I think it would be Gggreat!! It will bring back the fond memories of traveling store to store in desparate search of 200X figures. Ummm I wonder if MOTUC Smash Blade He-Man will kill the retail line too?

    Also I think Toy Guru said a while back if they do go retail with the line, it would be during a movie year, and that the figs wouldn't come with extra accessories or heads and it would have a re-deco.

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    I would pick and choose the figures that I want based on affordability, quality and availability. The days of roaming Walmart 3am in the morning are over..
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    I would still try to hunt from them, but probably end up buying from resellers a lot...
    I've been pretty much buying most retail toys online from resellers that I couldn't find in stores.

    I definably would not be happy if we can't buy the figures online anymore.
    I really like the subscription as long as there is enough produced to fulfill non subscription orders on the website as well.

    Retail would help boost the popularity of this line even more which is great!
    I do however hate that retailers can actually demand all those repaints which the mass doesn't want (looks at figures like 200x Disco Skeletor).
    And Mattel hopefully knows better now how to fill the cases with unique characters instead of 1 unique and the rest repaints which did indeed... kill the 200x line

    The DCU vs MOTU cases are pretty much perfect 2-2 divided. That's a great start!
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    I hope it doesn't go to retail and that they do have a lot more figures available in the future on Matty. If they do go to retail everyone who has a real job will be screwed. The vultuer scalpers are learking at TRU at opening on truck days. I know first hand from tracking down the 2-packs a few weeks ago.

    I just want Matty to get things right and this will be a gret toy line..finallly.

    If they do go back to stores I will still collect it but I will be on ebay alot more like the 200X line.
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    I would assume you'd see the same drop in quality of paint apps on retail figures that we say with the the Toys R Us two packs. I'd rather pay a few dollars more for the quality although it might make me start collecting the line again. I quit after the digital river Battle Cat stuff.

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    MOTUC at retail in this current format presents an interesting conundrum. To actually work, Mattel would have to sell all of the already released figures again, and I wonder if those of us fans that already have 3 He-Mans (original, BA, TRU, ect) would want to buy another at retail.

    I think the 7 inch format should stay online, but then like someone mentioned earlier go ahead and make a 3 3/4 inch line aimed at kids and fans that would include vehicles and playsets. I also think since Mattel owns the Imaginext line, which includes DC Superheroes; a MOTU Imaginext line is a no-brainer. Imaginext already makes all sorts of awesome playets and I can fully envision a killer Castle Grayskull with working lights and sounds aimed at the younger set with an under $50 price point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawg88 View Post
    i would rather just keep ordering online
    i hate finding stuff in stores
    Totally agree with you on this one. I collect DCUC and geez that stuff is a pain in the a$$.

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    I think Robert Downey Jr. said it best...

    "NEVER go full retar...uh, I mean retail!"
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    I think it would be great for the brand. The retail figures shouldn't be for collectors who have already been collecting. Those retail figures should be for new fans.

    Just keep the online figures going while the retail stores are a year or two behind. The retail stores can have 3 waves of four characters a year. This stops the need for re-issues sold on since fans can just go to a store and stock up on old characters.

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    If they went to retail, I would still try to order the all-inclusive subscription - but likely, they would do retailer-exclusive figures. Going to retail would mean MOTUC would be HARDER to get. Try collecting Mattel's DCUC and JLU lines. They still are plagued with horrible case packings, horrible distribution, and the inablity for retailers to get more product from Mattel. Most of the time, the shelves around here are empty, because Mattel simply isn't shipping enough product.

    I love MOTUC, and I don't want to miss out on building its inclusive universe of characters. I prefer sticking with the subscription.

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    I just hope they never go full retail. As an ihternational customer, I'd be screwed.
    Moreover, if the line failed at retail I have serious doubts that Mattel would go back to an online sale and thus the line would be killed.
    These types of action figures just don't survive atretail any more like they used to in the 80s.
    The line would be doomed to failure.
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    Mattel is worse keeping stuff shipped and stocked in store than on mattycollector. It would be hard to get these at retail. Plus who knows if they'd even continue the online sales anyway? I'd bet that they'd drop the online sales if they were to go retail in a large way. TRU exclusives here and there is fine and will not make them drop the online sales, but a full on retail market probably would.

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    I do believe I would have to stop collecting. I do not have the patience for toy hunting on a retail level. The only reason I'm getting the TRU two packs is because a friend found them for me.
    In Orlando, and now in the Metro DC area, it was/is hard to get to a store. Traffic annoys me. I'll be moving to Guadalajara next year, and i have no idea what the situation will be there, but I doubt I'll be up for daily toy hunts.

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    I wouldn't be a fan of this line going retail. As someone else mentioned, the DCUC line is a collosal pain to try to find at retail (at least the figures that I want) and I end up having to go through resellers anyway to get those figures. At least I do have a chance of getting the figures I want in MOTUC through the subscription.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeguiarsEM View Post
    Agree. Here in Southern California it's a pain to find anything. A ton of collectors and s.c.a.l.p.e.r.s. Why waste time and gas?
    As opposed to going online, adding the figure to your cart and then having to remove it at checkout because the system in place is complete bs?

    I'd prefer the challenge of being in the right place at the right time and finding a figure in a retail setting. For as frusterating as it was at times find the 200X line, I found every figure available. As I look back, I can't believe how many Teela's and Evil-Lyn's I managed to find.

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    Shop my ass off.

    That's all the needs to be said.

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    I'd rather they stay online. For all the troubles that DR has with getting their act together…it's still easier to find the figures. One place. I wouldn't like having to hunt all over the place. And for those that think you'd save on shipping…you'd spend it in gas.
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