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Thread: MOTUC at Retail Discussion/Speculation/Support Thread

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    Online please. Retail toy shopping is slowly going the way of the dodo. Online buying is just so much easier and more convenient. I don't have the time, the patience nor the will or drive to really go to a store looking for the same damn toy each and every day. Retail makes it way too easy for resellers to nab everything up, too.

    I don't mind if the line was also sold at retail, but retail only would probably doom the line all over again just like in 2003.

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    Pump my fist into the air. If they're going to be hitting retail, then they have to produce ENOUGH of them to hit retail. This means that even if i can't find any myself, i can employ the "usual methods" to track them down for what would hopefully be cheaper than they go for now on the 2ndary market.

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    Quit. I hate hunting down every thing to a line that I like. I am fine with an all in subscription. I have utterly no desire to go to wal mart again and again and again and again only to find out someone who like buying cases and reselling them has already been there.
    the 2 packs exclusive to TRU was fine as a 1 time deal. I am good with Matty. it sucks sometimes. thigns sell out sometimes..ok alot of times, but I would rather missone of these random offshoot things like the big monkey or a slightly repainted whoever than put more miles on my car and eat up more gas each day in the futile retail search.
    brick and mortar marketplaces just fell out of joy for me once the world kept getting greedier and more of the good toys vanished into hands that don't collect them for profit. and other online is fine as long as it is announced and DR figures out a way to not let servers crash each and every time and they make enough.
    so to go on the frankenstien deal. Raghhh Re-tail Baad!

    just me though
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    I'll do a happy dance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Count Marzo View Post
    shipping = gas
    For me what I pay in shipping is the equivlant of driving 134 miles to pick up each figure, you can tack on miles if the price of gas drops and/or as the weather warms up and my fuel economy goes up.

    I'll admit I live in a real ripe area for toy hunting, within 40 miles of me there are:

    7 TRU's (Closest is 2 miles away)
    8 Wal-marts (2 are 24 hours; the closest is one of those at 3 miles away)
    9 Targets (Closest is less then half a mile away)
    9 Meijers (Closest is less then a mile away)

    The only things I can't find are those who have abominable distribution.

    Furthermore, some relevant points I've brought up before:

    Quote Originally Posted by Pravus Prime View Post
    • I can look over the figure to get one with good paint that's correctly assembled.
    • I can look for it when I have time, rather then being online at a certain website on a narrow window on a certain hour of a certain day in a certain month.
    • Production is going to be much higher and TRU makes it easy to find their exclusives, so I actually can buy them!
    • If the figure is defective, I can instantly return it for a refund or an exchange.
    • I don't have to pay 50% of the figure cost in shipping.
    • Even without the shipping costs, the per figure cost will be lower due to being a lower pricepoint thanks to a larger production run.

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    If MOTUC went retail I'd end up quitting the line. There's no TRU, or target where I live, just a Wal-Mart. Bbeing that I'm in Canada and TRU still hasn't even gotten the 2 packs here yet, my only option would be ebay, and I'm NOT paying inflated prices plus shipping on top of everything. I'll take my sub and scramble for bonuses and large scales over a retail line that won't reach most of the planet.

    Ideally, I'd prefer if Mattel still offered figures online, and had them at retail and online in the U.S.A. That would relieve a lot of congestion on Mattycollector each month IMO. Not having retail outside the States would also save Mattel on packaging differences required by laws in different countries.

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    MOTU will only go to retail if there was full brand re-launch or movie. MOTUC will never go to retail. Too big and too expensive. I could be wrong, though, but I don’t think so. You can bet that if MOTU ever goes to retail there will either be a cartoon or movie to back it up.
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    IGuess I see some pros & some cons to it

    Being able to purchase them when I feel like it.
    Not having to be at a computer at 12:00

    To make us buy them all over again I would expect changes to be made in either deco or size or lack of articulation. The longer this stays out of retail I see this a more of a problem.

    To make it cheaper (wally world & target) they would either have to cut down on scale or both.

    total relaunch (most likely) which would mean the end of MOTUC before getting all the figures again.

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    I would likely maintain my sub (All In for 2011!), and continue buying online as I have. However, if I knew I could find things at retail later, I would be less likely to resort to eBay or something like that if I missed anything, as I did with Battle Cat (my fault, not Mattel's).

    Army-Builders at retail would be nice, as I don't want to have to struggle build.
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    If they went retail, I'd recommend them to all my toy collector buddies and 80s kids in arms.

    You KNOW even non toy collectors would jump to score a slice of childhood nostalgia.

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    I think we all agree in that there are several pros and cons between an online and a retail MOTUC toyline. I don't know which I prefer. I can tell you from the 2002 experience that it was an incredible feeling to find something worthwhile yet terrible seeing the same things over and over again for weeks sometimes months on end. I don't miss going to various stores at various distances for no reason coming back empty handed, but it was great if you were out somewhere and decided to check a nearby store and found something.

    I can't decide which is a better way. If I was guaranteed more than a 5 minute window to order these amazing figures online, I'd take that all day. If I was guaranteed an equal figure distribution and adequate stock in stores, I'd take retail all day.

    Conclusion: You take your sugar with your **** when it comes to this.
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    Oh yeah, Big Bad Toystore! How could I forget--I love those guys! Yeah, I'd probably just start buying from them if Matty ended subscriptions.
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    If it goes to retail I will be very happy for MOTU and everyone that wanted it.

    For for me personally, I will hate it!
    I live in the middle of the U.S.(Kansas), Walmarts and whatnot hardly stock anything and have no variety. The closest TRU is atleast 1 hour away.
    So then there is gas issues, having to drive to different cities all the time and trying to even find a figure let alone 1 in good shape, as I collect MOC and Loose. And with the 200X series, it seemed that the rest of the country got the figures before we did here, if we ever got them at all. --I had to order 1/2 the figures I had(they got stolen) from online.--
    My only hope is that they would continue to sell them online with the mailer boxes, even if it was at a slightly higher price then retail.

    So while it would be good for MOTU and its success, it would be bad for me.
    But I would deal with it just to have MOTU out there again.
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    I think if they go full retail they should reduce the online price. I''ll probably keep buying them online. Although, it would be cool to have the option to go to TRU or something to pick 'em up if I miss out or am low on cash or something.

    Like others have said.. Retail can be tough to find things.. I don't think I ever saw a 200X Evil Lyn at retail.. My gf got tired of going to stores with me and bought one on eBay for Valentines Day or something.

    Regardless, I'm all for MOTUC in retail.! Keep it on Matty too though!

    If it's just going to a store, I'm more likely to buy doubles of figures I already purchased, then buying re-releases being sold on the same day as new releases.

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    Very happy with a retail strategy if it means more money to keep pumping out MOTUC for the long term - and if any retail failure doesn't undermine continuation of MOTUC availability (presumably via As an international buyer, I would probably either seek to continue subscriptions via Mattycollector or if the retail was the only way to go - or a different scuplt - then I would try to buy cases via an online store. No way would I take the risk of waiting 6 month delay for stock to appear in Australian stores.

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    I'd still get the figures primarily online, I think it would just make figures more available. If they stopped selling them on Matty, I imagine other online stores would get them and I wouldn't have to hunt through B&M outlets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Montork View Post
    Continue buying everything they make until the line is over.

    However, I don't think this line will hit retail.

    I also hope that the success of MOTUC will help Mattel acquire the Thundercats licence.

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    What would you like to see in a new retail line?

    SO Toyguru says MOTUC style would not be the style of a new retail line, this is a nostalgia based collectors line. So without arguing about that comment, but keeping it in mind and that the "hyper anime" style is retired(no arguing about that either please), how would you like to see a new retail line handled?

    Personally I would like a line similar to The Batman or Spectacular Spider-man. as I'd like a new toon to follow those lines as well, stylistic (but still iconic in design) high adventure great storytelling. I think MOTU in that style has GREAT potential. Sean Cheeks Galloway (I think he did the character design for spectacular spidey)did a few MOTU pictures, while most of us love the Earl Norem high fantasy look, I think that this cartoony style looks pretty cool and MOTU plastic in that form would be great to own.
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    I dont care about a new line if it have a different style that MOTUC. Then Ill pass... MOTUC is the last MOTU figures I will buy.



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    If the line returns to retail (and even if it doesn't) I just want to see Filmation characters as action figures.

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    It is not where I am that matters, it is when
    I wouldn't mind the line being 4 inches ala GI Joe. However, I kind of agree with Snake Hunter, if they aren't done similar to Classics/DCU, then what is the point?
    Can someone PM me the US number for Matty? I want to talk to someone who might has a clue of what is going on.

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    3 3/4 figures would be cool.... but honestly if it's not MOTUC I'm not really going to invest in it either way. It's the size, sculpt style of MOTUC which got me collecting these again.

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    I know this won't be a popular choice, but I'd love a Masters line done in the style of all the Hasbro "Heroes" figures. I love Superhero Squad, Galactic Heroes and Combat Heroes (cartoon-based ones only).

    I know Mattel has the Brave and Bold figures which are similar, but I'm not crazy about the angular style.
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    I've said it once and I'll say it again: The ideal retail line that I'd like to see is EVERYTHING about Sllohcin's 5-inch designs. Great, simplistic articulation, smaller size, awesome accessories. Easily collectable due to size, and small and simple for kids to rough-house with.
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    If it goes retail, it will be probably be much more aimed at kids with gimmicks and action features....I wouldn't be interested at all. Classics set the bar as high as it can get, I won't go and collect other sub-par he-man lines as well.

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