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Thread: Pre-Eternia In A MOTU Movie?

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    Pre-Eternia In A MOTU Movie?

    A lot of people are talking about King Grayskull showing up in the possible MOTU movie. Considering he's not that old a character, I'm sure a lot of people aren't on board with this. How do you feel about having Pre-Eternia concepts showing up in a MOTU movie?



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    I wouldn't mind a brief scene to establish history but he shouldn't be a major player.

    More to the point I've long thought that a sequel with the Snake Men should open with a scene and narration featuring He-Ro fighting Hiss in the past and sealing them in the void. He wouldn't have to appear in the present day story but again he should be used to establish the background.
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    I wouldn't mind too! Maybe a small appearance of He-Ro...
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    I'm cool with the King... but also would love to see Hordak specially if he teams up with ole Skull Face.

    Maybe they could do the intro to them sneaking the baby Andora away.

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    Obviously if you have King Grayskull you have to Hordak. I think they should be metioned in the first movie but no necessarly shown. I'd like to see a King Grayskull spinoff after The He-man movies are done. I'm assuming they'd do a trilogy. Other spinoffs I'd like to see inlcude Keldor, She-ra, and Kronis.

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    I'd like the movie to start with something where we see the end of the war between Hordak and King Grayskull, similar to how the LOTR movies start and as I recall the Marks script.

    Later on I'd like to see some sort of mention of KG fighting the snakemen (like a painting of it in the castle, which I think was mentioned in an episode of MYP).

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    Masters of the Universe: A Three Chapter Story

    I have to concede that the notions introduced by MYP series about King Grayskull are fascinating and worth of exploiting within the context of a movie series.

    If I were the studio (Mattel - Sony), I may develop the MOTU series in a three movie deal (2 hours and 20 minutes each), shot all at once and release on Christmas eve of every subsequent year.

    Part I (1st movie): 'Grayskull' - the movie should dwelve on the rise of King Grayskull, the explanation of all the pre-eternia mythos, the fight against Hordak, The elders, etc.

    Part II (2nd movie): 'The Rise of Skeletor' ; The fight of the young King Randor backed by his allies Man-at-Arms and the other young Masters against Keldor, his defeat and later his transformation with the aid of magic and the near destruction of the Kingdom.

    Part III (3rd movie): 'The Power of He' - The maturing of Adam into battle hero He-Man, first given the ax, armor and shield by the sorceress, then finding one half of the power sword, defeating skeletor in battle and securing the other half of the power sword, then faced again with a new threat at the end of the movie with the possible resurgence of Hordak and King Hiss
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