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Thread: want to buy loose original motu figures

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    want to buy loose original motu figures

    i'm looking to buy a few loose original figures. condition doesn't really matter as they'd bee for customs.

    wanting leech, extendar, mosquitor, rattlor, stonedar for sure, but if u have any your willing to sell at a reasonable price please contact me pm.

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    Hey Nemesis15425!

    I have a bunch of custom worthy stuff you might be iterested in. Please check out my want/trade/sell list in my signature. PM me if you have any Questions.

    Man E

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    Greetings Mang. The Hyve has a tremendous amount of junked up vintage MOTUs. Perhaps I have some you may want...

    broken stonedar is $3

    broken leeches $3 each

    extendars are $5

    rattlor is $5 - maybe need to double check availability

    Mosquitor would be $20, but I need to see if I still have him...

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