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    Can you please share any fan podcasts you are aware of? I know of these:

    Masters Cast
    POGS Tales of Eternia
    Roast Gooble

    What else is there? I found MOTU Chronicles mentioned on this site, but I can't find them on iTunes or a site to download them from. Is that one still going on?

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    You are right, there was masters of the universe chronicles. I'm afraid the podcast is no more and sadly podbean lost the episodes I recorded and I thought they would stay there no matter what. Thanks for asking about it though!
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    Just like there are over 10 different forums for He-Man/She-Ra, there are almost that much podcasts too.

    Global Masters Podcast

    PlanetEternia's He-Manisch Quartett -podcast

    Masters Comic Cast

    MOTULANDO podcast

    Whispers in the Woods podcast

    Council of the First Ones podcast

    Atleast 3 of these are updated on the mainpage when new episodes are released.
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