Let me preface by saying this thread isn't meant to attack the New Adventures Of He-Man and the 2002 MOTU cartoons, toys, or their fans. I'm just wondering if they had any affect on the Masters Of The Universe franchise.

Some people say that the reason that G.I. Joe and Transformers are stronger than MOTU are because they either never went away or their time away from toy shelves was brief.

Others feel that the only reason MOTU isn't as popular as it once was is due to the misfires(ie. didn't last as long or sell as much as the vintage line or Filmation cartoon; I'm not saying either of them were misfires in terms of quality) of NA and the 2002 line. They are one of the reasons that kept MOTUC stuck on MattyCollector.com and out of ToysRUs.

Still others think that MOTUC wouldn't have even come into existence if NA and 2002 hadn't kept the franchise in the back of people's minds.

Maybe there's a little truth in all of these theories or maybe none of them are right and it just comes down to the differences in how Mattel & Hasbro deal with their respective products.

How do you feel about this?