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Thread: Extendar torso piece getting loose

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    Extendar torso piece getting loose

    Greetings all,

    My Extendar figure seems to be getting loose around the torso extension piece. When I first opened him, it snapped into place very tight. Now, it comes off at the top (between the extension and the top half of his body) pretty easily when I push the top half of his body forward. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there any way to fix it? I tried to find an extension piece for sale on its own but couldn't. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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    I have not experienced this, but I haven't messed with my Extendar that much. A possible quick-fix could be something like putting a square (or multiple squares, as needed) of scotch tape over the peg before connecting him. That will effectively make it "thicker" when sliding into the hole. If nothing else, it only takes a minute or so to figure out whether or not it works, and worst case, you're out a few tiny pieces of tape.

    Bits of paper towel are also an option. It kind of depends on what will actually fit in there.

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    My entire figure is loose. Very disappointing he barely stands
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    I use one or two coatings of clear nail polish to tighten joints. Alternatively you could super glue the peg to make it thicker.
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