I have a ton of old Marvel Legends for sale. All are loose. I have some of the acessories, however I CANNOT gurantee that I will find every accessory for each figure.

Please PM with offers if interested. I am willing to ship outside the US.

Pics upon request. Please provide e-mail in PM if pics are desired.

Thanks for looking!



Smart Hulk (hulk line)
Classic Beast (Legends wave 4?) - $9
Ultimate Rhino (Spiderman line)
Movie Daredevil (early Marvel Legends) - $8
Thor (ML wave 3 - cannot find Hammer) - $15
Dr. Doom (wave 2) - $8
Movie Nightcrawler
Movie Magneto - $14
Elektra (ML wave 5)
weapon x wolverine (missing accessories)
movie toad
movie professor x
movie cyclops (x2 X-men united - light up eyes)
Nick Fury (wave 5) - $9
bullseye (non variant)
Bullseye (variant - available MOMC) - $11
human torch (wave 2)
Punisher (Frank Castle wave 4 or 5 - comic version)
Punisher (movie version)
X2 Xmen United Wolverine
Movie Green Goblin (battle damaged)
Movie Green Goblin (regular)
Movie Green Goblin (super poseable)
Namor (wave 2)
Movie Spiderman
War Machine Iron Man (red and silver - face mask missing)
Humberto Ramos' Green Goblin (Spiderman line - glider included)
Doc Ock (Spiderman line - wave 1 or 2)
Mr. Fantastic (wave 5)

I also have a Marvel Legends: Fantastic Four boxed Set unopened - $45

All figures are $6 unless marked otherwise.