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Thread: 200X Sorceress in MOTUC

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    BTW, I'm not a big fan of the Egyptian motif that 200x Sorceress had. Her outfit and the big pyramid she sat on, it just seemed out of place in an ancient stone castle.

    This would be very much in line with Neptha of FILMation lore.
    MYP Sorceress is a MUST HAVE figure for MOTUC!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JafariStew View Post
    I would much rather have Queen Veena.
    Her one animated appearance is epic. We already have the Sorceress as 2 interpretations/colors (3 if you count the Goddess), so Veena is much more needed imho as she is a different "like" character. Plus I think if they made Veena 1st, then we would get the less interesting to some but more sought after by the common collector 200X Sorceress as a variant later using a lot of Veena's tooling, while Veena would seem like a totally new figure if introduced 1st. I think this would be the way to go with this character & the 2 character's similar looks.
    200X Sorceress b4 Veena would probably hurt Veena's potential sales to a non-hardcore collector.
    I think Veena is essential at this point.

    Veena...200X colors... bring it.

    If you want to make a classic colored one for a con exclusive... fine, but not before we get Veena in the proper 200X color scheme.

    I'm in favor of ONE or the OTHER... if they want to go Veena, fine. But frankly there just isn't enough differnce to justify a $30 slot on Veena AND sorceress #3...

    Honesly, I HATE Sorceress with 'Wings'. That is and always was a CAPE... If they want a 'winged' sorceress... then go with Veena Maybe an extra head if they want to...

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    I'd prefer 200x Sorceress. She's on the top of my list. Veena... well I'd like her too!

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    At this point, they should just use the Angella / MYP Sorceress wings for Veena (even though they are a slightly different design), and call it a day. That would be three figures that used the wings.

    I would GREATLY prefer a Veena figure over a 200X Sorceress variant... just give Veena an extra 200X Sorceress head.

    Quote Originally Posted by MasterCollector View Post
    Good point. If an MYP Sorceress variant was already slotted for 2013, the tooling for Queen Angella's wings would already be there for the 2014 release.

    That's a great point... and if they use Glimmer's parts to make Angella (with maybe some very minor tooling changes s a nod to the toy bodice - the winged emblem on her chest), she'd be like a repaint, with a HUGE bang for your buck..

    We'd be getting a major character with wings and all they'd need to tool is a new head (or two) and a weapon.
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    Maybe they can attach the Angella/200x Sorceress wings to Veena's belt to create the effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    ... just give Veena an extra 200X Sorceress head.
    That would be like giving Teela an extra Evil-Lyn head.

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    With the Sorceress being a major character, could see her getting her 2002 style variant.
    With the current status of the line I don't know how many character variants we'll see but I'd like both 2002 Sorceress & Veena.

    MegaGearMax, could you please post side by side screenshots of MYP Sorceress & Veena to see which parts could be reused between characters?
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