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Question :

Statement 1 : the question speaks about ONLY 1 CHARACTER (SINGULAR) : the SORCERESS ! The only other characters mentioned are the royal twins (PLURAL)... There's no mention of any other characters than Sorceress and the royal twins in the question !

Now, here's your answer :

Statement 2 : your answer, Toyguru, is linked to the content of the question. You wrote "THAT FIGURE" (SINGULAR) as an answer to a question that was mentioning THE SORCERESS as the only singular name ! If you were refering to any other character than Sorceress, then my feeling is that you should have clearly mentioned a name.

As far as grammar and logics are concerned, the conclusion is obvious : that the character who would only be released in "a few years" is actually the Sorceress !
There really isn't a much better way to state that without him "talking down" to us.
The "that figure" you highlighted in his answer refers to the "future bio", not to the Sorceress.
It is the grammatically correct way to phrase it. Pronoun: "that", antecedent: "a future bio".

Is there room for confusion? Sure.
But is he still correct that some of us jumped to conclusions instead of just looking for clarification? Yes.