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Thread: Minicomics: Continuity and Reading Order

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    Minicomics: Continuity and Reading Order

    As a comic book collector, the continuity for the classic minicomics has also been of interest to me and last week I finally decided to sit down and work out a reading order for the series. I based this first on the order in which people/vehicles/powers are introduced and reused, and secondly on what made a good overall 'flow.' Since the comics sort of run in 'seasons' like TV, I liked to build to a big battle at the end of each wave of books.

    NOTE: I do own quite a few of the whole run, but do to my research I used the totally awesome site The Good Old Days, which I highly recommend as the most thorough collection of He-Man and She-Ra reading I have seen anywhere on the 'net. It's all too low-res to reprint, but for pure reading and completist enjoyment it can't be beat:

    Anyway, after the first four books ("Power Sword," Battle in the Clouds," etc) which I think are numbered 1-4 and run as such, you have the 2nd series (i.e. "He-Man Meets Ram-Man," "Teela of Teela") which basically run in the order in which the Heroic and Evil Warriors amass their allies. All you need to do is see who's working for He-Man and Skeletor in each issue, and the order becomes clear.

    2nd Series:

    The Magic Stealer
    Ordeal of Man-E-Faces
    He-Man Meets Ram Man
    The Terror of Tri-Klops
    The Menace of Trap Jaw
    The Tale of Teela
    The Power of Point Dread!

    The last two books are interesting because they're actually Part 1 and 2 of the same story, in which Skeletor tries and fails and tries again to gain control of Point Dread. It's the only two-parter in the whole series, really.

    I'm gonna break this up, so next post: Horde! Snake Men! Eternia!
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