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Thread: The "I want me some Skelcons" Appreciation Thread

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    Yep. I would love to get some of these.....

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    Skelecons placed very well in Round#1 of the .Org's official 2016 character polling season, finishing in the top 5 of Poll#2 and advancing to Round#2 next week! Show them your support and help bring Skelecons to Classics!

    Skelecons by Leo Aquino. Custom heads and knives by Zombihamma.

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    Whoa, hell yeah!!!

    Why did I not see this thread before?

    Absolutely some of my most wanted. We need more army-builder worthy bad guys like these. I'd buy a dozen!
    MOTUC most wanted: Skelcons, Satma, Lord Masque, Vultak, Great Black Wizard, Slime Pit Bone Warrior, Horde Wraith, Red Knight, Beast Lord, Illumina, Catra Cat Form, Old Man Marzo 200X, King Miro, Hunga the Harpy, Lady Slither, Lady Valtira

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