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Thread: Sell Tytus Megator Gyrattacker repr box Twistoid ScareGlow Wonderbread HeMan & other!

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    Sell Tytus Megator Gyrattacker repr box Twistoid ScareGlow Wonderbread HeMan & other!

    Just wanted to promote my eBay auction, hoping to help some VINTAGE MASTERS of the UNIVERSE collector to improve his collection, offering many vintage pieces and may rarities too!
    Loose figures are COMPLETE (I just auctioned 100% complete & working figures / vehicles).
    Many auctions END in TWO DAYS and are still at the amazing price of 1 EURO!
    DOn't MISS this opportunity!

    Gyrattacker box proof repro - Ebay item# 170422522720
    Stratos Blue Wings - Ebay item# 170422537060
    Battle Cat - Ebay item# 170422537060
    Faker 1st edition (soft head) - Ebay item# 170422552504
    Wind Raider - Ebay item# 170422557461
    Roton - Ebay item# 170422562878
    Buzz Off - Ebay item# 170422573819
    Orko w/ coin trick & rip cord- Ebay item# 170422584988
    Whiplash - Ebay item# 170422615846
    Webstor - Ebay item# 170422618004
    Dragon Walker - Ebay item# 170422635796
    Roboto - Ebay item# 170422825695
    Black Face Grizzlor - Ebay item# 170422829692
    Leech red crossbow - Ebay item# 170422832371
    Scare Glow green halberd - Ebay item# 170423174417
    Faker II he's back - Ebay item# 170423180869
    Twistoid - Ebay item# 170423330974
    Wonder Bread Savage He Man - Ebay item# 170423825284
    Megator - Ebay item# 170423975004
    Tytus - Ebay item# 170423981654

    Items are currentlt in Italy and shipd for Italy.
    I combine shipment and I keep the shipping charges the lowest possible.
    Only rule is that if payment is made through paypal, then buyer agree on paying for a shipping option that provides an ONLINE TRACKING SERVICE.
    I do charge a handling fee of 0,60 Euro per package (this is only 60 cents) for packaging material.
    Please understand that this charge is 60 cents per package and NOT PER ITEM. For istance, if you buy 20 figures and you have them shipped in one big package you pay ONLY 60 cents for handling the big one package.

    Every question you may have, please contact me straight through eBay!

    Thanks for viewing this post.

    I also have many 200X MOTU in auctions!

    Thanks for your interest and good luck to everyone!
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