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Thread: Horde vs the Evil Warriors, who's fighting who?

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    Horde vs the Evil Warriors, who's fighting who?

    Just for fun, (and I didn't see this exact post on the first five pages after I did a search) if the Horde fought Skeletor and his guys, who would fight who? I'll go first.

    Hordak vs Skeletor (of course)
    Shadow Weaver vs Evil Lynn
    Grizzlor vs Beastman
    Leech vs Mer-man
    Mantenna vs Tri-clops
    Catra vs Trap-Jaw

    Scorpia vs Whiplash
    Octavia vs Clawful
    Entapta vs Webstor
    Modulock vs Two-Bad
    Dylamug vs Faker
    Mosquitor vs Kobra Kahn
    Vultak vs Stinkor
    Dragstor vs Spikor
    Admiral Scurvey vs Jitsu
    Multi-bot vs Ninjor

    Ok the last few don't really-Add up but I'd like to hear yours, also the Catra vs Trap-jaw doesn't make a ton of sense but they're the only two left on both sides of the "main" guys/gals
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    I always thought this would be more interesting of a fight than vs heroes.

    Hordak vs Skeletor
    Shadow Weaver vs Evil Lynn
    Grizzlor vs Beastman
    Leech vs Merman
    Mantenna vs Tri-clops
    Modulok vs Trap-Jaw
    Catra vs Jitsu ( scratch n slap fight)
    Scorpia vs Clawful
    Entrapta vs Spikor
    Octavia vs Whiplash
    Mosquitor vs Webstor
    Dylamug vs Two-Bad
    Multi-bot vs Faker
    Vultak vs Kobra Kahn ( snake vs bird)
    Dragstor vs Stinkor ( car vs skunk)
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    Searching for this WORLD CLASS RESEARCH FACILITY I heard about.
    Going by these matchups the Horde would stand no chance.
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    Panthor vs Clawdeen
    Nightstalker vs Mantisaur
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    Looking back on it the idea of a bunch of villains wanting to take out both the good guys and the bad ones was a unique concept back then

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    Mantenna vs Tri-clops would certainly be a very strategic fight and a long one at that, would be good to watch.
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    Some good picks up above but I'll toss it out there that I'd want to see

    Whiplash vs. Leech
    Spikor vs. Mosquitor
    Two-Bad vs. Cy-Chop

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    Quote Originally Posted by mick4metal View Post
    Going by these matchups the Horde would stand no chance.
    I don't see that at all.

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    I love these hypothetical threads.

    Now apart from the obvious:
    Hordak vs Skeletor (as they have too much unfinished business for them not to fight each other)

    I would have:
    Admiral Scurvey vs Mer-Man (a fight for command of the sea)
    Calix vs Beastman (a battle of strength between stone and bone & muscle)
    Catra vs Evil Lyn (a fight between sub-commanders of the two faction which might use magic and swords. They might even be added tension as they feel threatened by seeing another powerful good-looking evil female around.)
    Colonel Blast vs Blade (expert marksman vs expert swordsman)
    Dragstor vs Stinkor (noxious fumes vs obnoxious stench)
    Dylamug vs Spikor (science/technological enhanced warrior vs magic enhanced warrior)
    Entrapta vs Webstor (a question of who will end-up immobilised. Will it be by human hair or spiders silk?)
    General Sunder vs Jitsu (a clash of skilled commanders and fighters)
    Grizzlor (New 52) vs Two-Bad (a tough general vs a tough mercenary)
    Horde Troopers vs Skeletor’s Robot Knights (a battle of robot fodder)
    Horde Wraiths vs Evilseed (a battle between corrupted magic and corrupted nature)
    Hunga the Harpy vs Kobra Kahn (bird with magic wand vs snake with blaster)
    Mantenna vs Trap-Jaw (eye blasts vs arm blaster)
    Modulok vs Tri-Clops (a battle of inventors)
    Multi-bot vs Faker (robot vs robot)
    Octavia vs Clawful or Whiplash (a H2H fight over who has the best claw or tail)
    Shadow Weaver vs Count Marzo (a magic fight)
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    Quote Originally Posted by lorde trooper View Post
    Mantenna vs Tri-clops would certainly be a very strategic fight and a long one at that, would be good to watch.
    Ant they have powers based on "eyes"...

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