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Thread: MOTUC Sssqueeze Video Review by Pixel Dan

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    MOTUC Sssqueeze Video Review by Pixel Dan

    Dan's back with a new review! This time he takes a look at the upcoming Sssqueeze from MattyCollector. Check it out!

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    Nice review Dan.

    I completely 100% prefer the 200x/MYP Squeeze headsculpt, but I still like the vintage one as well. So it's a wash.

    I would have preferred swappable arms on this guy, but that didn't happen.

    However the figure himself looks like he could end up being one of the best releases this year. I love his color, and the bendy arms (here's hoping they don't fall apart in a month) look to be the most fun feature we've had on a figure since Modulok.

    I can't wait for Squeeze.

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    Sssqueeze is outstanding!! The vintage figure was always one of my favorites. I'm glad Mattel and the 4H went old school with the figure and left out the 200x influences with this one.

    I love that Mattel added the ratchet joints to the shoulders. That's going to really help posing the arms. Thank you Mattel design team!!

    While I am really happy to finally complete the vintage Snake Men, I hope we get more Snake Men in the future. I'd really like more of them, even the newer characters like Fang-Or.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrawn29 View Post
    I would have preferred swappable arms on this guy, but that didn't happen.
    I agree. Would have been nice to have regular sized arms on him as well as the extended ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mkpat View Post
    I agree. Would have been nice to have regular sized arms on him as well as the extended ones.
    Absolutely! They could have made them swap at the biceps rather than the shoulder joint. I would have happily paid more for him to come with swappable arms, swappable snake heads for his hands, and a 200X head.

    That being said, I am still very happy with how he turned out!

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    This Character is a huge disappointment for me. It should have had the 200x head with him at the very least. I hate the gator head. The 200x version was just so amazing and I don't think I will ever replace it with the classics version in my display. I loved the boots, armor design, and Head so much better on the staction.
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    He looks great! Thank you Dan for the review. I also would have liked an extra pair of normal sized arms to have been included but aside from that, he looks fantastic. Glad they went vintage on him as this faction as a whole were pretty much done old school style (save for BA King Hiss variant) and I really like that for the Snake Men. Very glad he kept his action feature and would've liked this material to have been used in previous characters like Octavia and Slush Head, happy to have it now with Sssqueeze!

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    The sculpt on Sssqueeze is awesome! I love all the great scaling on him and I love that they went vintage on him. The 200X version is horrible. I never had the vintage Sssqueeze, but the weapon looks like a mace.
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    Loving this guy! Everything from the colors to the amazing arms. So glad the bendy arms made it in here - I don't think he would be half as good if he had gotten cut joints or something.

    I do think this was one that could have benefited from a 200X head, but, chances are, he was stretching the standard budget with those arms.
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    The thigh pads seem a bit oversized but otherwise, he looks amazing. Agree 100% with PD on the great way they did his scales.
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    He looks amazing. This is easily the best year Classics has had since I discovered it!
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    I've never understood why all the other Snake Men have the same staff and he has his whatever...

    I really wish things like that had been addressed in the bios rather than some of the stuff that has. Then again given the recent explanation of Teela's, maybe they all found the staffs in a closet and they ran out before Squeeeeeze got there and he had to take what was left.

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    Great review as always Dan

    I hate that accessory. Really never understood it and would rather have gotten just about anything else. Other than that Sssqueeze is exactly as I imagined he would be and is scarily like his vintage figure. I look forwards to having him.

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    Sssqueeze is probably my favorite 2015 reveal so far! Never had him when I was young and never really wanted him. But darn, the 4H pulled off another great figure. And great review, Pixel Dan. Love the colors, vintage head, and poseable arms!

    And our first complete faction in MOTUC!

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    Great Review. Really looking forward to Sssqueeze!!!

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    Awesome review. That's a killer toy shelf Pixel Dan has! Squeeze looks amazing! I'm ready for a Snake Men heads pak though...I like his 200X head better.

    The arms are genius! Design really did a great job implementing these! Can't wait to wrap those arms around Angella or Glimmer, or any figure wearing pink or purple.

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    The figure looks great. If you like vintage. The 200X design is pretty wicked, though, and I would have preferred a second 200X head and interchangeable snake hands. I know there's a lot going on with him already, but this could have been a plussed up figure like Spinerella. Wouldn't have bothered me.


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    I think this guy looks like a lime green nightmare. Not a fan.

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    This, to me, is a perfect action figure. It just screams "Fun!" great colors, awesome arms... might be one of the best MOTUC figures overall. Looking forward to him!!!
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    I don't like his head so much but I love most everything else about Sssqueeze.
    When my quarterly shipment arrives, he's a keeper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T-man View Post
    This Character is a huge disappointment for me. It should have had the 200x head with him at the very least. I hate the gator head. The 200x version was just so amazing and I don't think I will ever replace it with the classics version in my display. I loved the boots, armor design, and Head so much better on the staction.
    200x is 200x. MOTUC is a different animal, and this animal is an awesome vintage looking gator-headed Snakeman.

    One of few MOTUCs that justify a $21 price point. Yep, I said it. A $21 price point. Awesome fig though!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CapricornDefender View Post
    200x is 200x. MOTUC is a different animal, and this animal is an awesome vintage looking gator-headed Snakeman.
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    Great figure! I love Sssqueeeze Motuc! I just hope that the arms are of a better material of the proboscis of Snout Spout.

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    I am, 99% at the time, an all vintage fan. Sssqueeze looks awesome, but maybe one of the heads from the snake men two pack, painted in appropriate colours, would work on Sssqueeze? I may try that, once my Sssqueeze arrives.
    Other than that, he is pure awesomeness! His arms are incredible, and I am glad they end in hands and not snake heads. If so he'd just be a second King Hiss, albeit with longer arms.

    Can't wait to get him, and complete my original Snake Men..!
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    I'd have liked *some* 200X influence in the design…with that said he did turn out very well. The level of detail in the scales is amazing! I'm a bit disappointed in the boot cut articulation being absent in this figure…hopefully that's not a trend like it's been with the gals. Other than that, I'm really looking forward to getting him! I can remember seeing this character for the first time in a TRU as a kid…still just as excited to get him as I was back then!
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