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Thread: Issues with Digital River Customer Service

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    Further to my original post, now my credit card has been charged (no pre-authorisation, fully charged) without my order processing on MattyCollector website or receiving any email to say this has shipped.

    This is in direct contravention of the policy of Matty not to charge until the order has been sent.

    Please see below:

    When will my credit card be charged?
    We don't think you should pay for your order until it is actually on its way. We will not bill you until your product(s), including backordered or preordered items, are actually shipped. If your items are shipped separately you will be billed each time an item is shipped

    Although your credit card won't be charged until the item has shipped, your credit card will be pre-authorized to verify funds are available.

    Very disapointing. This service is unacceptable for fans that have been supporters of Mattel their whole lives, and spend good money each month.

    EDIT: Just to clarify, my shipment did infact arrive today. Clearly, the credid card did not charge before the items shipped, however there was no notification to indicate that the order had processed on the Matty website, and no confirmation email with tracking. It was lucky I was home when the delivery came.
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