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Thread: Issues with Digital River Customer Service

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    Cancelled 2010 subscription for their error

    Like a lot of people, I received the 2009 subscription cancellation e-mail. So I didnt know what to think when I received another email about two weeks ago informing me my 2010 subscription was cancelled. I called customer service and they told me I returned my Adora figure and disputed the charges. I didnt of course and told them that I have the figure and my bank account was charged for the transaction. They told me they would escalate it and I would here back within 72 hours. I didnt of course and called back about four days later and they informed me that they couldnt reinstate my subscription because I returned the january figure, I explained again that this was an error because I didn receive it. I also explained again that I didnt dispute any charges and that my account had been charged. They once again told me they would escalate it. Three days ago, I look at my bank statement and there is a credit for my january figure. So I call again and explain that I didnt want a credit, I was happy to pay for the figure I own and I just want my subscription active. They told me they couldnt reactivate my subscription and they would have to escalate it. I asked if I could speak with the escalation team but they said they dont have a number to transfer me. So now my subscription is cancelled and I received a FREE Adora figure that I am more than happy to pay for but they dont beleive me. All I want is my subscription reactivated, I dont understand how they can cancel my subscription and turn down a customer. SOOO ANGRY

    I got this same e-mail! I even received Adora and I still got this e-mail saying my subscription was cancelled because I retured it. I didnt return it! Now they gave me a credit for Adora even though I never returned the figure. They messed up and my subscription is cancelled. I called them and told them I paid extra for the subscription so I expect it to be reinstated, they said they would escalate it, Yeah right!
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