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    So I just hung up after talking with Kevin over at 1-877-229-3743 office. I got some info that I thought I would pass on:

    1st issue-Subs shipping via Cornerstone Logistics

    If at any point they have to reinstate your subscription after being cancelled, they will ship via Cornerstone Logistics as opposed to UPS. The way he tells it, their system does not give the option of shipping UPS when they have to re-enter subs that have been previously cancelled. So it sounds like it only gives options that are available on Matty Collector to their own internal C/S staff, as opposed to including the UPS option

    2nd issue-Subs being charged three days earlier that the stated two business days before the sale

    On this one Kevin admitted they still don't know what happened. He said his area (which is the front line in handling customer issues) has yet to be informed on why this occured. Additionally, he couldn't tell me whether or not this would happen again next month. His advise was to make sure the money is in our accounts at least 5 business days ahead of the sale date.

    3rd issue-Subs being in a "Order processing" status for over a week

    Unfortunately another brick wall on this one. Kevin said to his knowledge, the sub figures didn't get shipped until the day of sale. I pointed out to him that there are numerous examples amoung the subscribers for which that is not the case, myself included. He really didn't know what to say, other than to anticipate that even if we are charged 5 days early, the figures will more than likely not ship until the sale day.

    All in all, not much new there. Most of the issues their front line C/S agents are completely clueless on how to address. Again, it's just more typical DR incompetence we've all come to expect.
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