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Have you ever refused delivery of a package from Matty? I did, and despite their promises of a refund, as of right now it's been 35 days and I've gotten nothing from them. Is this normal? Should I worry?

I could simply dispute the charge on my debit account for that order and my bank would reimburse me. Then the bank would contact Matty to get their funds back. Would that cancel my sub or create a problem with me ordering from Matty in the future?

A little back story may be in order...

I ordered a couple of Vykrons during the "Better than Black Friday" sale on Matty. Actually, I had my girlfriend order them for me while I was at work, but that is neither here nor there.

What I wanted was one 'Space Ace' and one 'Tank Top'. She ordered two 'Tank Top'.

I called Matty's customer service line a few days later and told them about the error. They said there was nothing they could do to alter my first order of two Tank Tops and that I should simply place a second correct order and then refuse delivery of the first package when it arrived and the charge would be refunded.

I did just that. I refused the incorrect order on 12/01/12. Here we are at 01/05/13 and I've called Matty a dozen times to check on the status of my refund. Matty says they can see that it was refused, but the order has not arrived at there warehouse and I cannot be refunded until it arrives.

I figure 35 days is long enough, even for Digital River and Matty.

Had anyone had a similar experience?
One of the times I was triple charged and didn't pickup two of the orders, I got seven dollars back.
I can't even begin to understand that refund value