The my subscription page is giving me this message since its launch:

My Subscriptions
This is the place to manage everything related to your subscriptions. You can update your payment and shipping information, and if you’ve got multiple subscriptions you can combine them so they ship together or separate them so they ship separately. For more information, use your cursor to roll over the page.
Product Name Auto Renewal Date Payment Method Shipping Address Price

NOTE: Updates to your subscription payment or shipping information may take 1-2 minutes to apply to your subscription. After you have saved your change(s), you may need to refresh the "My Subscriptions" page after the short 1-2 minute wait in order to allow the page to reflect the updates to your subscription.

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I am in contact with CS, but they say I should go via find my order. This does not help me at all regarding my subscription and to manage it.

The original order with the inital figure says that it is complete.

Why is it not in porocess for renewal?

Anyone else having this problem. Is my sub in danger?

Can you see your subs under the my subscription homepage?

I hate DR!!!