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Thread: New Adventures of Mighty Mouse

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    New Adventures of Mighty Mouse

    Hey did anyone else pick up this rare cartoon from the 80's? I barely remembered it so I chose to pick it up and found it very interesting and funny. I watched the documentary wow so much talent that went on to big things Andrew Stanton and Bruce Timm just to name a few and that it opened the door for future cartoons like that reflected society. I am glad it was the complete series and they didnt do what other studios are doing and breaking it up in volumes and that it included a couple of the older Mighty Mouse cartoons and hope it sells well enough to release more of those. The only Mighty Mouse I remembered was the Filmation version with Alan Oppenheimer as Oil Can Harry Mighty's arch nemesis.

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    It was a great cartoon from what I recall but I had to pass on it for the time being. My collection is getting rather large as it is and I've been in the process of selling of the DVDs I'll probably never watch again. I'm not sure if the Mighty Mouse cartoon will hold any repeat viewing pleasure for me.

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