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Thread: I’m Ready For The “Classics Line” To Stick With The Classic Toy Line

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    • I’m Ready For The “Classics Line” To Stick With The Classic Toy Line •

    I’m just going to put this out here…everyone take a deep breath before you get your pitchforks...

    I know I might get roasted here but I have to say I am ready for some real classic figures again. You know the ones, kind of like the ones that were in the classic line from 81-87. I’m not talking about prototypes, MOTU myths, PoP, or NA figures. I want to see classic figures from the classic toy line, especially for those who have the year subscription.

    I think it is great that NA and She-Ra fans get to see their favorites finally made or updated but I wish they could be the bonus figures and not force everyone that signed up for the subscription to get figures that are not part of the classic MOTU toy line. The year long subscribers first were burned by double shipping fees if they wanted the bonus figure and now the classics figures really aren’t so classic anymore.

    Once again I’m happy for those who are getting their figures made but I am just feeling like the classics line isn’t sticking much to the main MOTU toy line that I knew and just wish that the NA, PoP, and prototypes were moved to be bonus figures.

    Anyone else feel this way and isn’t afraid of getting railed on by a bunch of Slushhead fanatics?

    I can't wait for the, "U HV to luv all MOTU not just the vintage lien or U Rnt a true fan," fodder to commence.
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